Antique Brass Scale Restoration – 100+ Years Old [Used in Post Office]

Not very often this antique brass scale can be found. They are usually made in thin steel, but this one is made in brass and aluminium. I managed to find some information and it dates from 1900+ and most likely was used in post office. Not 100% sure, but there is a good indications of that since it is a luxurious version… I you have any data about this antique brass scale, I would love to hear it in comments below!

Anyway, back to restoration of this lovely antique brass scale. I started with disassembling the scale. Some of the pins was difficult to pull out, but I managed to do it without damaging something. Good start! Then I had to heat up the weight of the scale and cool it down with cold water, so I could separate brass covers from the lead. Next step was to straighten every piece and prepare for hand polishing. Polishing step took forever, but on the end I am very pleased with the result. Totally worth it to do all that polishing.

With that out of the way, I start stripping the old paint on metal stand. I used files, steel brushes, sand paper, blade, flame… and finally stripped all the paint on scale stand. In order to continue, I cleaned the stand with 100% acetone. As usual, I did first primer coat and then 3 coats of black paint. I got gorgeous stand afterwards.

Check out this antique brass scale restoration video below!

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Now was time to assembly the antique brass scale. It was intense, to not scratch paint, or dent the aluminium or brass pieces. But, I was careful and managed to put all back together. Also I had to use my posted Instagram picture as a guide to put back pieces in right place.

antique brass scale restoration detail

Fun stuff comes always on the end. This time I test the antique brass scale vs modern digital scale. I was surprised. Readings on digital scale was 146g and on this antique brass scale was 143g. That was stunning for me, only 2,09% off for 100+ years old. Amazing! Please check it out in video above!!!

antique brass scale after restoration
There she is… wonderful restoration

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