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Feel free to browse through my blog posts. Here is a collection of videos uploaded to YouTube by FFD Restorations and some unlisted videos. Beside the videos itself, you can also read more about how the project went and see some pictures behind the scene… You can select a desired category below!

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FFD Restorations featured - puukko knife
Old Finnish puukko knife

Welcome to another knife restoration project. Today I will be doing complete old Finnish puukko knife restoration without any…

FFD Restorations featured - japanese axe
Japanese Axe Restoration

Japanese axe restoration is not what I restore so often. So, this time I will hand restore this old…

Old Fish Knife Restoration

Today I am restoring this old fish knife. Knife itself is in terrible condition and had a couple of…

FFD Restorations featured - old mora knife
Old Swedish Knife Restoration

Old Swedish knife Restoration is today’s post. When I received it, the knife was in terrible condition, very rusty…

FFD Restorations featured - small pocket knife
Folding knife restoration

In this post I will describe and illustrate the folding knife restoration with just a basic tools. Restoration was…

FFD Restorations featured - zippo
Customized zippo lighter case

In this post I am gonna share how I customized zippo lighter case. I haven’t used any power tools…

Carving Knife Restoration

In this post I will show you how I did small carving knife restoration, only by using hand cranked…

FFD Restorations featured - ball hammer
Ball Peen Hammer RESTORATION

In today’s post I am doing ball peen hammer restoration. Hammer is produced by Picard from Germany. Picard company…

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