Amazing piece of history – 70 box scraper plane, era before cardboard boxes. Just a hundred years ago, the most common packaging was a wooden box. This lovely Box scraper plane has been used to remove competitors’ stamps on wooden boxes in order to be reused. So, they could place their own stamp and ship to the customers … 

Before cardboard boxes were invented - Box scraper cleaning
70 Box Scraper Plane

Check out this old box scraper video below!

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Simple good old cleaning

First I dismantled the blade and cleaned the plane’s head. Furthermore I cleaned the handle with a cloth and acetone.

Cleaning with a cloth and acetone.
Cleaning with a cloth and acetone.
Removing the old paint with acetone.
Removing the old paint with acetone.

After that I removed surface rust from a bolster, blade and small bolt.

Removing surface rust with steel brush wheel.
Removing surface rust with steel brush wheel.

Next step was to protect the handle and old japanning paint from further degrading. Therefore I applied a layer of homemade beeswax.

Applying beeswax to protect the handle and japanning paint.
Applying beeswax to protect the handle and japanning paint.

In meantime I spent some time around the blade, sharpening it and polishing it afterwards.

Sharpening the blade from box scraper
Sharpening the blade.

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Box scraper in action.
Box scraper in action.

Finally I was ready to test this old box scraper plane. It works quite nicely.

After cleaning, ready to be used.
After cleaning, ready to be used.
Box scraper detail.
Box scraper detail after cleaning.

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Box scraper detail.
Another detail after box scraper cleaning.

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  1. Great job as always!!! Thanks for sharing! And this tool was used to take paper labels off on boxes too!!

  2. Cool tool. A lot of effort went in to showing us how it works, I appreciate that!

  3. Great job! I would love to see more of these tool restoration videos 😃👍🏼

  4. I’ve seen one of those before. Didn’t know what it was for. Really cool.

  5. Nice restore and history lesson.

    2:30 – cool, but that would have gotten you burned at the stake in the 1600s.

  6. İlk defa böyle bir alet gördüm. Çok değişik gerçekten. Çok güzel yeniledin. Ellerine sağlık.

  7. Mal wieder eine tolle Restauration. Entspannend und sehr lehrreich. Vorallem der Erklärungsfilm am Ende war top. Mach auf jeden Fall weiter so. Nur nutze bitte Handschuhe wenn du mit Aceton arbeitest 🙈. FG Jan

  8. this was awesome. that tool is so freaking cool. and the video was great. wow just keep finding cool old things to restore. i love it cuz u dont see this on every youtube channel. 🥰

  9. Hey Boris
    Nice Video
    Now i know why i like your Videos so much.
    The Sound is a littlebit like asmr
    No crying from power Tools ,no non stop speaking
    Only soft Tool Sounds
    Thank you for 9:41 Minuten of calm down

  10. Hi Boris! 😉👍
    Nice tool, perfect restoration, great demo!
    Looks really good.

  11. А как ручной станочек такой называется ?

  12. And just when I was planning to type : ” It would be nice to see it work…” you showed it. Congratulations can see “purism” in your work not only in the restauration but also in the media. Cheers Martin from Argentina.

  13. Old school tools…perhaps the most valuable ones…greetings from Chile and my like👍

  14. Belle restauration 😍😍😍
    En plus avec ou outils historique cool.
    J aimerai bien vous confier ma Hachette restaurer !👍👍👍

  15. каких только приспособлений в мире не придумано…

  16. Very cool little tool and you did an excellent job once again. Another great video!

  17. Loving the lighter finish on the handle. And thank you for the end part. Never knew such tool existed. Looking forward for next week! Have a good week! 😄

  18. Привет Борис👋 интересный инструмент! Я такого не видел! Работа заслуживает всех похвал👍👍👍✌🏻🇷🇺 когда пришлёшь новый адрес? Посылка скучает 😋

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