Carving knife maintenance is very important and in today’s video I am gonna show you how I did all steps with basic tools. You don’t need power tools, but basic tools are necessary.

Carving knife before restoration
Carving knife before restoration.

The carving knife is produced by Mora factory in Sweden. The blade is laminated steel and close to the pointed end of the blade layers started separating. With the help of a file I managed to nicely recover that part.  

Check out this carving knife restoration video below!

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Dismantling the knife

Since it is a more modern carving knife I haven’t had any trouble disassembling it. So,I started by removing the surface rust from the blade and the bolster. Surprisingly blade’s tang was in really good shape and without any rust.

Cleaning the surface rust with the hand crank grinder and steel brush wheel
Cleaning the surface rust with the hand crank grinder and steel brush wheel.

After that I grinded the blade on the stone wheel powered by foot. Also can be hand powered but in that case only one hand is free to hold the blade. Therefore I prefer using my foot.

Grinding on stone wheel powered by foot
Grinding on stone wheel powered by foot.

The next step is sanding and for that I used wet sanding paper. Since the rough grinding I did on stone wheel, I started sanding from 240 grit. Finished with 1200 grit and got quite a nice smooth steel surface.

Sanding the blade
Sanding the blade.

Polishing and assembling

At this point I was ready to polish the blade and the bolster. To spin the polishing pad I used the hand crank grinder. And for the paste I like to use Autosol.

Mirror finish after polishing
Mirror finish after polishing

Finally I started putting pieces back together. This was a quick and easy assembly.

Carving knife assembling
Carving knife assembling.

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Final result

Carving knife after restoration
Carving knife after restoration.

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  1. Good job mate. Love the patience and the affinity you have with tools. Like my workshop to me, yours seems to be your “happy place”. Merry Christmas. 👍🇦🇺

  2. Как всегда красавчик! И всё своими руками, без автоматики!!!

  3. Как всегда доходчиво и понятно.Приятно смотреть на работу!

  4. Couteau a découper ? Je croyais que c ‘était un couteau pour sculpture sur bois .

  5. Нож произведен Eric Frost, там же клеймо стоит) А Mora Sweden – это город и страна, где производится) Это ламинатка старая, для ремесленных работ по дереву)

  6. Loving this new shop! Looks really well set up. I especially like seeing that beautiful walnut and oak FFD 😉 great restoration of that sloyd knife 😁

  7. Hii sir how are you. ?
    I’m back now to watch your Beautiful hand work ..❤️❤️

  8. Hey Boris! Nice job, well explained, love the process.👍
    Another great restoration. I am looking forward to another one. 😉

  9. Well done! It’s clear you enjoy your new shop and it makes it even more enjoyable to watch😀

  10. Your knives are very cool. I like the folding knives even more. The powerless hand tools are even better still. I would love to see an old time sewing machine. Hand crank, or treadle, of course. MAYBE even one that could handle light leather. They are not a bad tool to have around in the shop. Could make yourself a FFD apron, or tool roll, or knife roll. I have several. I have taught all of my kids to sew too. Just a thought 🤔.

  11. Hi, good knife. Big sharpening stone shouldn’t be used with water?

  12. I love watching you move around and work. Seeing all the different pieces and organization in your space and seeing Mr. Woody hanging in all his glory 😂. Awesome job of course. Love the handle color.

  13. Superb work once again. Loving how your tools are somehow in brand new condition unlike most restorstion channels. Would love to know how you keep them in good condition

  14. Привет Мой лучший друг Борис 👋👋👋 рад был посмотреть твой новый контент, четкая и быстрая реставрация ножа 👌🏽👍 ты профессионал своего дела💪 Береги себя и жду новых видосов✌🏻🇷🇺

  15. I like the way you secured the tang with a roll pin. Why didn’t I think of that? Better than getting epoxy all over the place!!

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