In this post I will show you how I did small carving knife restoration, only by using hand cranked grinder and other hand tools. The knife itself was covered with paint, grease and who knows what. At the end of this carving knife restoration I am testing out the knife and showing the difference between before and after restoration .

Carving Knife Restoration

Firstly I had to Disassemble the carving knife. Dut to the simplicity, disassembling was quick, just removing small metal ring on back side of the knife’s handle. After that I started sanding the knife’s blade. Because it was covered with thick layer of paint I had to start sanding with hand cranked grinder a 80 grit sandpaper. Then I moved to 120, 240 and furthermore with 320 grit.

Carving Knife Restoration disassembled

Sanding the knife’s handle

Secondly was to restore wooden handle. Also on the handle was paint and I repeat the process os sanding from 80 to 320 grit sandpaper. After that I polished the blade with homemade beeswax for wood finish.

Check out this video 👇 , it shows all steps how I restored this small carving knife!

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Finally I started to assemble the carving knife. Same as disassembling, it was simple to put it back together. I did that on my table vice with a help of small hammer.

Carving Knife After Restoration

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