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Welcome to another knife restoration project. Today I will be doing complete old *MED knife restoration without any power tools. This old knife seems like a hunting knife. After removing the rust there was a *MED markings on the blade.

Old *MED Knife ready for restoration - FindFixDonate
Old hunting knife before restoration.

Old Swedish Knife Restoration

When I received it, the knife was in terrible condition, very rusty and wooden surface was damaged and cracked. At that moment I was not able to read the markings on the Swedish knife’s blade, but after removing the surface rust I red markings: KJ Mora Sweden.

Old Swedish Knife after restoration -FindFixDonate.
Old knife before restoration.

Easy way to remove rust from old tools with vinegar

In this post I will demonstrate the easy way to remove rust from old tools with vinegar. I will use white vinegar and rare old rusty combination multi tool.

The process starts by disassembling the multi tool by removing the one bolt. I used spray greaser to loosen up the bolt. Left the multi tool for about 15 minutes and then removed bolt with screwdriver and adjustable pliers.

Easy way to remove rust from old tools with vinegar
Old rare multi tool before restoration.

Japanese Axe Restoration

Japanese axe restoration is not what I restore so often. So, this time I will hand restore this old and famous Japanese axe, often called Japanese survival axe/hatchet and it is popular among carpenters, campers and outdoor people. This particular Japanese axe is in bad shape and missing the rubber handle.

This video is not included in channel trailer.
Old Japanese axe / hatchet before restoration.

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