If you thinking to restore an old chisel at home, check out this amazing chisel hand restoration and learn how you can do it without any fancy power tools. Restoration can be difficult and complex, but with the chisel is pretty much straight forward. This is the chisel what I am gonna restore:

chisel hand restoration

To restore chisel you will need, hammer, file for metal, sand paper, glue and vice… To start, you have to disassemble the chisel and i starter by removing the rubber part on the top of the handle. Next was to separate chisel blade from handle. Usually they aren’t glued together and with little bit back and forward you will take it out. As I did on picture below!

All steps are shown more detailed in this video below!

Hope you enjoyed in this chisel hand restoration video! Thanks a lot for watching!
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Alright, now we have all parts separated. Now is good to start sanding with different grit, using file to remove rust, paint and make it smooth. I have been using here file for metal, then sand paper in several different grit. From 80 – 320 grit. Finally I have polished the chisel’s blade.

Finally is time to repair the handle, this one has a crack along and i decided to use glue with the handle’s sanded dust to match the color.

After drying and fine sanding, the handle was ready. Now is just to put all back together and here is how it looks! What do you think? Would you do something different?

chisel after restoration

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