Customized zippo lighter case

In this post I am gonna share how I customized zippo lighter case. I haven’t used any power tools for this project. I started by drawing some ideas on paper, selecting the wood and cutting the wood in desired sizes for the zippo’s case.

Plain zippo before customization

Following the design, I cutted olive wood in thin sheets to be able to glue on zippo’s sides. So, I glued the olive wood to the case and left it for 12 hours to dry. After that I started shaping the olive wood. For shaping I used file for wood, sandpaper and carving knife…

Check out this video ๐Ÿ‘‡ , it shows all steps how I customized this zippo lighter case!

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Olive wood glued to the zippo's case

I took me some time to get the desired shape, but it came gorgeous. Next was to remove silver coat on zippo’s case and polish the brass surface. So, to remove silver coating I used several different sandpaper grits. After that I used hand cranked grinder to polish the exposed brass surface.

zippo before polishing

Finally, here is how it looks after customization in a hand! On olive wood I applied first linseed oil and then I polished it with homemade beeswax polish. I think it looks much better than just as a silver zippo lighter…

Customized zippo after customization

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