Easiest Way to Age Brass at Home [Vinegar and Salt]

Today I will show you the easiest way to age brass piece at home in a few simple steps. For this you will need: any vinegar, salt, mixing bowl, appropriate container with the lid and of course brass piece.

First thing what you need to do is to mix vinegar and salt. Depending on size of your brass piece you need to have solution just to cover the bottom of the container. We don’t want to bath the item, just shallow solution on the bottom. Place the brass piece inside and close the container. Wait 6-12 hours or more. If you have a chance, shake the container from time to time (gently). Longer you wait, result will look more aged. But, keep in mind, too long and it will look overaged (not naturally).

Check out this ‘Easiest Way to Age Brass’ video below for steps!

Quick guide video for how to age brass at home!

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After 6-12 hours, open your container and dry out brass item with paper towel. You will notice discoloration. Brass part in direct contact with the solution will look different, but don’t worry. Leave it on air for next 6-12 horus and it will match in color after oxidation.

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