Easy way to remove rust from old tools with vinegar

In this post I will demonstrate the easy way to remove rust from old tools with vinegar. I will use white vinegar and rare old rusty combination multi tool.

The process starts by disassembling the multi tool by removing the one bolt. I used spray greaser to loosen up the bolt. Left the multi tool for about 15 minutes and then removed bolt with screwdriver and adjustable pliers.

Easy way to remove rust from old tools with vinegar

Afterwards I took a square plastic container and placed all rusty parts from multi tool in the container, including the bolt. Then I add a white vinegar, just to cover the metal parts.

So, I closed the container and left it to rest next 12 hours. Let see how easy will remove rust from old tools with just a vinegar. While we wait for vinegar to dissolve rust, let see some facts about this rare multi tool.

Facts for this rare old combination multi tool

This rare antique combination multi tool dates from pre WW1 era to WW2, specifically this design. It is produced in Germany, UK and USA for the armed forces and it was a part of communication tool pouch.

In most cases multi tool where issued to Miners and Sappers for laying down barbed wires and install and maintain communication lines.

This multi tool has:
– An axe
– A hammer
– A flat head screwdriver
– Wire cutters
– Pliers
– A nail puller

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Finally, let see how looks after 12 hours. First impression is that the multi tool looks like covered with a layer of dirt. For sure does not look as a rust. Now I will dry all metal parts with a cloth and see more closely.

Easy way to remove rust from old tools with vinegar

I am using a regular cloth, it is extremely cheap, you can use same or some old cloths. Wiping that surface layer was easy, but still was a harder dirty layer. I guess that was a layer as a result after being so long in white vinegar bath or just a tarnish after so many years.

Now, when I removed the surface rust successfully, it is time to remove this tarnished layer. For that I will use plain steel brush, I am quite sure you have some in work shop or you can buy one. Steel brush is dirty cheap!

Wow! I am pleasantly surprised. This is going so easy and so quickly. Several times with steel brush and rust is gone. Nice! Check out how nicely vinegar (and steel brush) has removed all rust on this part of multi tool! Looks like brand new.

Before and after removing rust with vinegar

I could stop there, but I decided to proceed and restore this rare combined multi tool. I did already more demanding part, now I just need to sharpen the axe, flatten the hammer, shape the flat screwdriver and make usable wire cutter. Easy said than done!

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With help of file for metal and sandpaper I managed to bring this rare old multi tool in working condition. Ready to be assembled.

Ready to be assembled after removing rust with vinegar

I know it was chrome plated, but that is not in my possibilities to do and have to stop here. The last step is to assemble the combined multi tool and polish. In other words, I am almost done!

Conclusion on removing rust with vinegar!

After using white vinegar to remove rust on rare old combination multi tool I can conclude that this method works great. Ingredients such as vinegar is cheap and easy to get and gives good results.

Negative side of using vinegar is strong smell and waiting time. In most cases waiting time can be up to 24 hours.

After using vinegar

As a result, if you are not in rush with rust removal, don’t mind strong smell of vinegar, like the idea of not spending much money, then, this method is perfect for you!

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