This time I am doing an extremely rusty knife restoration. When I bought this old rusty knife I thought it was cheap and bad made, but when I filed down the rust I saw markings on the blade and the blade itself is made from hard steel. That made this restoration even more pleasurable 😊

Rusty Knife Restoration

Here i will show you most of the steps what i did to restore this extremely rusty knife, make new wooden handle and make this knife sharp again.
All that is done without any power tools. At the end of the video (below), after the restoration I’m testing this knife …

I started first with disassembling the knife and removing the rust with a file… oh that took me forever, but it paid off. Glad to see the knife shiny again.

After removing all rust i started making new wooden handle. So I measured the old handle thickness and marked a bit ticker for new ones…

In this video I am showing how I restored this old rusty knife. Story continue further down…

Hope you enjoyed in this video! Thanks a lot for watching!
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Shaping the handle went really well, and i thought to play a little with it. So I filled gaps with red colored epoxy glue. Quite happy with the result on that :).

After smoothing the handle and applying the linseed oil, I did sharpening the knife and of course testing it with plain paper and carrot. It is difficult to show with pictures, but the knife is scary sharp…

Rusty Knife After Restoration

And this is how it looks after rusty knife restoration. I have purposely left dark stains on the blade. I think it gives strong character to this knife. What do you think? Let me know!

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