The size matters, this rare souvenir keychain knife is extremely small and it was seriously a real challenge to restore it. Every part is so small that I needed to work with extra care. I also in this video made new liners and the spring. 

About The Keychain Knife

Lovely one blade antique “Souvenir” Keychain Pocket Knife by Contento. Made in Germany from the Mid centuries.

Rare and EXTREMELY small keychain knife Restoration
Rare and extremely small keychain knife before restoration.

Keychain knife itself weighs only 0.18 oz (6 gr). The length with closed blade is 1.3” or 3,5 cm, and with open blade is 2.6” (6,5 cm). That is small. Beside the knives Contento was making spoons, forks, egg beaters, bottle openers, etc.

In the video below you can enjoy watching how I restored this small keychain knife!

German Knife and Sword Makers, by J. Anthony Carter, lists Contento as a trademark first registered by Peter Altenbach & Sohne in 1921 located in Solingen. At the end of the 80’s Altenbach was bought by an American company and then sold again to a German consortium in the 90’s.

The Restoration Process

I started by spraying the knife with multi-spray. Waited for a couple of minutes and I easily pulled out a single blade. With extra care I managed to dismantle all parts without any damage. I submerged parts  in a 35% vinegar solution for a few hours, washed them and realized that I have to make new liners and a spring. I made new parts from an old pocket knife. 

Damage on the liner.
Damage on the liner.

The blade was in decent condition, so I just sanded the blade by hand and polished afterwards with treadle powered Dremel.

Blade looking decent.
Blade looking decent.

I sanded the covers with sandpaper 1200 grit. The print has starter pilling and I didn’t have any choice, I had to sand it away. Later on I printed a new design of Trondheim Domkirke and transferred it on the cover. I did this for the first time and was very pleased with the result.

Simple transfer on the knife's cover.
Simple transfer on the knife’s cover.

In this video I used brass pins to secure this small keychain knife. At the end I added the keychain ring. I haven’t sharpened the blade, because the knife is so small that it is not easy to hold it properly. Sharp edge would be a problem and could easily lead to injury. I don’t want that to happen.  

Keychain knife after restoration.
Keychain knife after restoration.

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In hand after restoration.
In hand after restoration.

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