In this post I will describe and illustrate the folding knife restoration with just a basic tools. Restoration was intense, especially when I found out the knife was in worse shape than I thought it was.

folding knife restoration

I am not sure for the knife’s origin or age, but it looks quite old. I received it with other German knives in a package and I assume it is similar story to this knife as well… The knife should be approximately from 1940-1950’s, because it looks like German quality and design. If you have more info about this folding knife I would love to find out more!

First of all I started by disassembling the folding knife, grinding and sanding all knife’s parts. Continues further down…

folding knife disassembled

Check out this video 👇 , it shows all steps how I restored this old pocket knife!

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… Furthermore I used 80, 120, 240, 400 and 1000 grit to sand all metal parts and prepare them for polishing. After many hours of sanding I finally polished them as you can see below! It is a huge difference from before sanding and polishing parts after.

folding knife parts before assembling

Next step was to make new metal pins. Original ones where from steel, but I decided to use brass ones. I cut them in needed length, flattened one end and hammered it to make a ‘head’ similar to the nail’s ‘head’.

I finally started with assembling the folding knife. Down below old folding knife seems like a ‘NEW‘ folding knife after the restoration.

folding knife restoration after restoration

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