Today I am doing old ‘mushroom’ folding pocket knife restoration. Also called a ‘banana’ folding pocket knife because the knife’s shape. The knife is severely rusted and in unusable condition. Join me in this step by step restoration video (posted below) without power tools! Stay tuned until the end to see the result!

Old folding pocket knife after opening the blade.
Old folding pocket knife after opening the blade.

Check out this old folding pocket knife restoration video below!

Hope you enjoyed in this restoration video! Thanks a lot for watching!

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Disassembling the knife.
Disassembling the knife.

Firstly I disassembled the knife and placed metal parts in a vinegar bath for 24 hours. While I was waiting, I sanded the handles. Than applied pigmented oil and sanded again with 800 grit sandpaper.

Pulled out metal parts and cleaned them with cloth. After that I sanded parts and used hand cranked grinder for kife’s spring and blade. Before I assembled the folding pocket knife I polished the blade and spring and also brass plates.

Finally I started assembling the knife, sanded again the handle. Applied another coat of pigmented oil and polished it. Here is how it looks after this restoration. I really like the result.

Pocket knife after restoration.
Pocket knife after restoration with visible stamp.

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Handheld folding pocket knife.
Handheld folding pocket knife after restoration.

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