Does this old horseshoe magnet remind you of your childhood? For me definitely and I am so happy to do a full horseshoe magnet restoration. It is rusted, non-magnetic and with bad paint.

Horseshoe magnet before restoration.
Horseshoe magnet before restoration.

Background story for this old Horseshoe Magnet!

I was looking for old rusty knives for my restoration projects and I saw this cute iconic old horseshoe magnet. I was, I have to buy it. It brings so many memories from childhood.

I was talking with a seller and he said that this magnet may have been used in school. He moved from England to Norway and brought this magnet with him. His relative gave to him the magnet, who has worked at school.

He had it for a long time and scratches and marks on the magnet, adding to its character. He couldn’t confirm age, but I love the elongated horse shoe shape. The magnet doesn’t work well and he decided to sell it. My lucky day!

Check out this old horseshoe magnet restoration video below!

Hope you enjoyed in this old horseshoe magnet restoration video! Thanks a lot for watching!

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Restoration process – let’s dive in!

I have tried to lift some screws with this horseshoe magnet and nothing. I will deal with that a bit later. Firstly, I am gonna remove rust with a rust remover. I have applied a thin layer and waited for two hours.

Then I thoroughly washed the magnet with water and dried it out. It was ready to apply paint remover over. Dipping in paint remover can and waiting for 1 hour helped me to remove all paint. After that I cleaned old paint and paint remover from the magnet.

Next what I did was light sanding with 120 and 400 grit. Finally, magnet was ready to be painted. But before I do spray painting, I magnetized the horseshoe magnet. With that sorted out, I am avoiding to scratch new paint afterwards.

Then I have masked lower parts to not paint over. I did primer coat and 3 coats of red paint. Of course, I waited for a while and than removed the masking tape.

Here is how it looks after restoration.
Here is how it looks after restoration.

Finally, testing out the old school magnet and enjoying in this wonderful moment. So nice to hold it in hand!

Restored and magnetized iconic horseshoe magnet.
Restored and magnetized iconic horseshoe magnet.

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