How to Age Paper Easy and Fast

Here I will show you how to age paper easy and fast with 3 different ingredients at home: black tea, coffee, and soy sauce (soya).

how to age paper easy and fast with this three ingredients

Paper what I am using is 80gsm plain paper and map is printed with laser printer (*Note that this methods with paper aging will not work with inkjet print samples! Also, note that the soybeans are not actual soybeans on the picture above!).

Here is what we need for the project:

– Printed map
– Cloth or a sponge
– Gloves (optional)
– Depending on the preference > coffee (instant or regular), black tea or soy sauce
– Oven to dry or a fan
– Picture frame if you need to frame it

In this video I am showing step by step how to age paper at home fast and easy.

Hope you enjoyed in this video! Thanks a lot for watching!
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Steps to follow in order to age paper:

We have all items what we need, perfect! Let’s jump to it!

Showing the ingredients for paper aging

You can have aged plain paper or with the texture, both methods look well and work almost the same. With textured one I noticed that soaks a bit more used liquid.

The process is simple, you apply desired liquid and spread it evenly across the paper.

Applying soy sauce on paper to age it

Next step is to dry the paper in the oven at 160° maximum 5 minutes. Paper will become rigid on touch. Because of that, be careful to not overheat it!

Aged paper in oven

After that, leave it overnight under heavy flat board, books or similar…

aged paper under butcher block

Check out next day how it looks. Furthermore, this is a result what I got after ageing the paper.

how to age paper easy and fast examples


Finally! My favorite is definitely coffee with texture method. It looks most realistic to me and properly aged…

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