How to Age Wood and Make Old Knife Stand [With Fire]

Today’s post is how to age wood in several simple steps. I am preparing some future videos for knives restoration and would be cool to have nice old looking stand. Alright! So, I give it a go and first I had to do was to take off clear coat with sandpaper.

Afterwards I burned a surface layer of wood to give nice color to it. I continued with steel brush and got get more authentic look. So far, so good. Last step of aging was to rub a vinegar. Vinegar will give even better result on the wood, because attacks wooden fibres and oxidise them.

Then I made a small two peaces of wood to hold knife in place and glue all together. Burned that part, so matches with rest of it. I am happy with result and I will gladly use it in future videos as a knife stand.

Check out this ‘How to age wood’ video below!

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Wood aging with fire.
Wood aging with open flame.

Time used for this repurposing – aging project was 5 hours and material used for aging process: wooden peace as a stand, glue,vinegar. Tools used for this challenge where: hand saw for wood, drill (not necessary), sand paper, something to measure, small fire torch, steel brush, steel wool, table clamp .

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