How to Remove Paint at Home [The Easiest Way]

In this video I will demonstrate how to remove paint from old tool. I think this is the easiest way to remove paint at home, especially on tricky surfaces like on the adjustable pliers. Usually I would use sandpaper, file and so on, but in this case I will show you how to remove paint with paint remover.

Process is very simple and does not demand previous knowledge or skills. But, important thing to remember is that the paint remover is a chemical solution. You should always use safety goggles, gloves and work in good aerated room.

how to remove paint from old tools

Paint remover should be applied in a thick layer on the paint and usually takes 1-6 hours to react with the paint. Sometimes you need to repeat the process. In this video I have used couple plastic bags to keep solution wet (also you don’t want to dry out the paint remover), because in this way I kept strong smell controlled much as I could.

Further more I left it overnight and next day was fine to proceed. Surface of the pliers is very slippery and I am finding the best is to go directly under the tap water or in the bucket with water. In same time you remove paint and slimy solution.  As you can see, I stripped the paint with steel brush…

After that, pliers are dried and you should patiently remove remaining paint. There you have it!

Check it out in ‘how to remove paint’ video below!!!

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Removed paint from old pliers
Conclusion: paint is removed successfully with paint remover…

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