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How to sharpen any hand saw is a great question? Best is to start with a ripsaw, because they are easy to master necessary skills and later on for other types of hand saws. The process of sharpening a hand saw is not demanding and I will show you how is done manually, so you don’t need any power tools.

I am sure you can do it without of any issues if you follow my guidelines. Let’s begin.

To start sharpening a hand saw, you will need a small file in triangle shape or any other shape which can fit nicely between the teeth. Also you need table vice and pliers if you have to bend every second tooth out. As I mentioned before, you don’t need any power tools!

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Everything is set. Firstly, only if is necessary, bend teeth slightly out, so every second tooth should go out. If the teeth are tilted out correctly, please jump over this step. You can start with sharpening.

Use your file on each tooth. That has to be in a way that the angle of 8 degree. Usually goes 2-5 times per each tooth. Also that depends on tooth condition on the hand saw. To make sure the tooth is sharp I just go over with my finger gently. If it feels sharp, I just go to the next one.

How to know is it sharp?

Maybe you wonder how that feels? Well, you have a dull hand saw and need sharpening, right? Go with your finger gently over, in opposite direction of teeth pointing and see how it feels. You will feel not much resistance at all.

After that start sharpening. After you think you are done, go again with your finger slowly and very gently to check is there any difference. Do you feel any difference? Try to cut some wood laying around. Is it better? If you think the hand saw is still dull, then go back and repeat the sharpening. The aim is when you slide your finger along the hand saw blade stops you on first tooth. Because it will have a high resistance. Then you will know you did a great job.

Be proud on yourself when you are done with your sharpening, because I will be proud on you. You did a great job! Sometimes it is not perfect and how you wanted, but that is absolutely ok. The important thing is that you started and had a great time learning. After that every next time will be better and better…

Check out this how to sharpen any hand saw video below!

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How to sharpen any hand saw
Testing after sharpening hand saw…

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