How to start with your first restoration | Restoration for beginners

You thinking to start your first restoration of an old item? Then, this how to start with your first restoration video is for you! No power tools needed! Grab your old item, sandpaper for wood and metal, screwdriver and pliers. That’s it. You are ready to start your first restoration.

How to start with your first restoration - using a hand saw for this restoration
hand saw before restoration @FindFixDonate

Please just keep in mind that the key thing is to be careful and patient. Don’t rush and don’t force if something doesn’t go. See what you could do differently and have successful and pleasant disassembling, refurbishing and assembling.

Learning and fun over the first restoration result!

Be proud on yourself when you are done with your first restoration, because I will be proud on you. You did a great job! Sometimes it is not perfect and how you wanted, but that is absolutely ok. The important thing is that you started and had a great time. Every next time will be better and better…

Don’t hesitate to ask a question in comment section below, we are here to learn and I am happy to help. Cheers!

Check out this How to start with your first restoration video below!

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Hand saw after restoration
Hand saw after restoration @FindFixDonate

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