Japanese axe restoration is not what I restore so often. So, this time I will hand restore this old and famous Japanese axe, often called Japanese survival axe/hatchet and it is popular among carpenters, campers and outdoor people. This particular Japanese axe is in bad shape and missing the rubber handle.

So, todayโ€™s Japanese Axe Restoration video I will start by showing you guys how looks like after the restoration, then sanding, removing rust with file and sand paper from 40-1000 grit and last but not least, making completely new wooden handle for this Japanese axe.

Check out this video ๐Ÿ‘‡ , it shows all steps how I restored this old Japanese axe!

Hope you enjoyed in this video! Thanks a lot for watching!
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Japanese Axe while cleaning with steel brush

Japanese axe / hatchet facts:

Some of the characteristics of this axe: it is drop forged, one side of this axe is sharp and ready to be used as an axe, the other side it is good for hammering nails and such. Because of the size and weight, it is perfect to be carried around on construction site, camping and outdoor activities.
There is not much info about this Japanese axe, I assume the axe is most likely 50-80 years old. I bought it from a local guy here in Norway. Finally I will take time to restore the axe. I have several axes in stock, but for now I started by restoring this Japanese axe.

Japanese Axe in  making a process of making handle

For the handle I decided to join several small pieces of wood and make interesting handle. Carefully I glued all pieces of wood angled together, but considering matching colour pattern. A good axe is when the handle is solid and nicely shaped. So I took some time sanding and shaping the axe handle and I think it came gorgeous.

Japanese Axe handle

The last thing I will do is to glue Japanese axe with the handle. For that I used two component epoxy. I left it for a while to dry properly.Then I applied the linseed oil and wax the handle with homemade beeswax polish.
Here it is, my favorite project so far!

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