Today I am excited to show you a collaboration video where I restored another KJ Mora Knife. @The Grant Alexander made a beautiful knife stand with FFD initials out of a recycled old fireplace wood. Restoration on my part went really well this time. I haven’t had any hiccups even though I did a complex handle painting process.

KJ Mora knife before restoration.
KJ Mora knife before restoration.

Check out this old KJ Mora knife restoration video below!

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After dismantling the KJ Mora knife I sanded the handle and started an complex painting method.

KJ Mora partially painted
KJ Mora partially painted

After many hours of painting and sanding I finally got this result.

KJ Mora handle is finished after a long process of painting and sanding.
KJ Mora handle is finished after a long process of painting and sanding.

The colours on this handle represent the collaboration between Canada and Norway. The idea was to blend them together.   

As always I did a standard sanding of the blade and polishing at the end. Also I tested the sharpness of the blade.

Here is the a beautiful knife block built by The Grant Alexander that I got in this collaboration. I am super happy with it and it will be featured in my future videos.

KJ Mora knife stand built by The Grant Alexander.
KJ Mora knife stand built by The Grant Alexander.

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  1. Hello this is the second time watching your videos, iadmire how youve done your restoration without any power tools
    Great im from the philippines doing restoration too

  2. Great.
    I liked your work precision.
    Taken care of minute by minute work.

  3. Nice job o Overall but I hate what you did with the handle. It took a lot of work to make it look that bad.

  4. Congrats on the 100’th video ! I like the artistic look of the handle 👌

  5. Hey bro I want to send a 🔪 from restoration. Love from 🇮🇳 and nice work 👍

  6. Good job my friend keep up the good work sorry I haven’t commented on your videos in a while been on vacation but I was bored and decided to watch one of your videos and realize you posted a new one great job keep up the good work God bless you

  7. Wieder mal eine tolle Restauration. Der Griff des Messers, keine Ahnung, hat irgendwie etwas. Obwohl ich es lieber klassisch mag, Holz und rot. Aber das hat halt jeder. Deswegen. Top Arbeit Boris 👍🏻

  8. Another great restoration. I have a small tip that works for me. If I am doing lots of hand sanding or sharpening with paper I prefer a little padding under the paper and have found that old mouse pads are perfect. I am running out and need a source for free mouse pads. I have a 2 inch wide sanding board with 2 grades of paper on each side and i am now thinking about those ruberey drawer liners that people use for silverware.

  9. I came over from Grant’s channel 😊 Beautiful restoration and a great collaboration 😊 ॐ

  10. Por favor. Que horror de restauración del mango. La madera está mas bonita cuando es natural, no pintada. Saludos.

  11. I really love the handle it is amazing! Maybe one of the Best restoration you did

  12. Great job, congratulations! I also make old things’ restorations and repairing, because I believe they have to have second life)
    Your videos inspired me to make my own channel. Congrats once again!
    All the best, Dmitry

  13. Great video as always… Only that I don’t come to understand what did you try to do with that red, blue, white “patina” painting job in the wood grip.. ¿?

  14. Где вы находите столько убитых ножей?)

  15. Thank you so much Boris! It’s a beautiful knife and the combination of colours on the handle to represent our countries was a great idea! I can say confidently no one out there will ever have a knife like this! 😁

  16. What grit was the wet sand paper after you painted the handle? I like that

  17. Хорошая работа. Давно не было складных ножей.

  18. Hello Friend !!! While watching the video, I was not convinced about the handle version for this knife, but the end result is great. I wish you another 100 videos, best regards ✌️

  19. Riktigt bra som vanligt! 😁
    Måste bara fråga varför du försöker få skaftet att se risigt ut. 🤔

  20. Congratulations on your 100th video! Cool technique on the handle. I like the new display too. Take care 😃👍🏼

  21. Congratulations on your 100th! I have mixed feelings about the handle but loved the technique. I wonder if you’ll bring back pyrography to the channel and use it on the handle. That would be awesome too 😁 All in all, another satisfying video.

  22. There is a saying in my country which says “you cant argue about taste”
    I think most comments on this restauration wil 😉
    And i am sorry to say i am one of your fans who really doesnt like the handle.
    But he, beside that, great job as usual!

  23. A collaborarion? Sounds exciting!
    Good job, guys. The handle looks wicked. I like it.!👍👌🏽

  24. The handle? big mistake!!! Why do you hurt my eyes man? I can’t stop crying!!! Anyway…Thanks for sharing!!

  25. Привет, привет Борис 👋👋👋 снова рад видеть тебя и новый контент👌🏽 хороший шведский нож 👍 за работу кидаю 1000 лайков сразу😁 просматривая ролик я думал что ты оставишь рукоятку в красном цвете, но потом понял что будешь делать даль, мне понравился дизайн рукоятки и хорошая мысль 👍🤝✌🏻🇷🇺

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