Knife making after viewers voting

Hello, this is FFD Restorations and today I am going to assemble a knife based on recent viewers voting. Before I start, I just want to say that I posted 5 posts on the community tab asking the audience to vote for their favorite design.

Results from the previous posts voting are:

This went really well and I want to thank you all for taking part and making it possible to make a knife together. Without a further due, thank you for joining me today. First, I will start working on the blade.

In the video below you can enjoy watching where I am making a knife based on viewers voting!

The Blade and Build Process

This is a Brusletto blade, produced here in Norway. The brand is well known and they make knives from 1892. The length of the blade is 3.5” or 9,5 cm and the weight 1.35 oz or 38 gr. It is fine as it is but I would like to get a slightly better look, preferably a mirror finish. For that I am going to use fine wet sandpaper and work my way towards the end on both sides. As a lubricant and to cool down the blade I am using tap water. 

Blade after sanding with 1200 grit - knife making.
Blade after sanding with 1200 grit.

The blade looks a whole lot better, so I will move to polishing now. This is American made hand crank grinder with a polishing pad attached to it will do the polishing job this time. 

I am satisfied with the blade and the look, so I will work on the handle now. As far as the sharpening of the blade goes, I will do that at the end of this knife build. For now, I will protect the blade by wrapping the masking tape around. 

Curly birch wood - knife making.
Curly birch wood.

Many have voted for curly birch wood for the handle and I can see why. The wood is beautiful and more importantly it is resistant to splitting. The length of this piece is 5” or 12,5 cm, 1” thick or 2,5 cm.

Better safe than sorry

I will roughly mark the shape of the handle and start with a rasp. I don’t want to rush with this step, so I will take my time to get it right. Now when I have a nice shape I can start with finer rasp and do the sanding at the end. 

Here I am using finer rasp and doing the sanding afterwards.
Here I am using finer rasp and doing the sanding afterwards.

Usually I stop with 400 grit, but for this occasion I will go up to 1200 grit. I just want to get the best out of this gorgeous piece of wood. 

I need to do two more things to the handle. One of them is to add the brass rings and the second is a carved rope design towards the end of the handle. But first let’s start with brass rings. I will use this brass plate and cut three square pieces, drill for the blade tang and get closer in shape for the handle. 

Cutting the brass on a treadle contour saw.
Cutting the brass on a treadle contour saw.
Ready to cut the handle and glue the brass pieces.
Ready to cut the handle and glue the brass pieces.
I cleaned the edges on a treadle powered rotary tool.
I cleaned the edges on a treadle powered rotary tool.

They are ready and now is time to work on carving. For that I am using this leather edge trimmer. I know it is not meant for this but it works really nicely. Before I start carving, I need to mark the groove lines. 

Finally, it is time to glue all pieces together and call it a day. 

The next day

Today is the next day and let’s check out the knife. It looks rough, but I will fix that in a moment. First, I need to file away excess brass. The handle feels smooth and nice in the hand so I am stopping here. 

Sanded blade up to 1200 grit.
Sanded blade up to 1200 grit.
Carving the rope design towards the end of the handle - knife making.
Carving the rope design towards the end of the handle.
Look at the handle after applying a tung oil to it.
Look at the handle after applying a Tung oil to it.

Leather work

We are almost there! To finish this knife, I need to work on leather now. I will go with a simple design to complement the knife. I will mark the size and shape before I do the cutting. Now it is time to glue and stitch the pieces together. I will trim the edges and smooth them out. 

Making the stitching holes - knife making.
Making the stitching holes.
Leather sheath stitching - knife making.
Leather sheath stitching.
Stitching detail - knife making.
Stitching detail.
Leather sheath detail - knife making.
Leather sheath detail.
The curly birch wooden handle detail - knife making.
The curly birch wooden handle detail.

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Knife is made and ready for a giveaway.
Knife is made and ready for a giveaway.

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    10 days until the actual #giveaway starts from this moment. The End date to enter your comment is: 25. June 2021 5 pm (GMT +1). Lucky winner will be announced in a video the next day! Remember to fulfill the rules of this giveaway. More info in the video description section.

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