A 1950’s vintage German MINIATURE ladies pocket knife. The folding knife has that worn look and the blades are wobbly and don’t close properly. The nail file is broken and during the restoration I found out that the spring is broken as well.

Gold-ish ladies pocket knife before restoration.
Gold-ish ladies pocket knife before restoration.
Detail of brass cover before restoration.
Detail of brass cover before restoration.

Even though it is in rough shape it is absolutely beautiful, and has a gorgeous brass covers. Definitely worth it to restore it.

In the video below you can enjoy watching how I hand restored this old ladies pocket knife!

About The Ladies Pocket Knife

After a research I found out that this knife is designed for ladies. Nail file confirms that as well. I found multiple markings on the blade and pocket knife itself. It was produced in Germany around the 1950’s. It is actually a RARE OLD ladies pocket knife. 

Inscriptions on the blade are:

– small blade ¨R¨;
– nail file ¨R¨;
– bigger blade ¨ Kaufmann K55K Solingen¨, same blade other side ¨ROSTFREI-SOLINGEN¨;
– brass cover ¨Robert Christians | Wuppertal – Cronenberg¨.

Robert Christians is a tool factory located in Wuppertal, Cronenberg. My best guess is that a lady worked there and as a present from a company received this beautiful luxury folding pocket knife. As I mentioned a bit earlier, the folding knife is in bad condition, no spring action for blades and nail file is broken. I love those brass covers. They have beautiful designs, look luxury and have survived over 70 years. Amazing!

About The Robert Christians Tool Factory

Robert Christians founded the company of the same name in 1882, which specializes in the production of garden shears, knife sharpeners, fruit cutters, etc. Tools, and later tin snips and saw setter were added to the production program. He soon marked his products with the Romulus symbol.

Cronenberg tool factory
Old tool factory in Wuppertal, Cronenberg ( source )

Production took place in a small factory at Hülsen 2 in the early decade. In the 1930’s the factory was relocated to new premises in Zum Tal 56. When the founder Robert Christians died in 1931, his son Willi took over the management of the company after his death in 1949. Robert Christian’s grandson became the owner of the company. 1951 the production program was changed. Garden tools and tools expanded.

Around 1975 the company found a new one larger location at Berghauser Str. 118 in the buildings where from 1860 to 1975 the “Nut and Screw Factory Carl Becker “* had produced. Around 1980 the
Company named “Romulus Tools GmbH & Co ”and thus took over her old trademark in company names.

The Restoration Process

I started by drilling the old brass pins with my hand drill.

Drilling the pins with my hand drill.
Drilling the pins with my hand drill.

I removed them and I was able to separate all the pocket knives parts. During dismantling I discovered that the spring located in the middle has one broken end. This explains the wobbly blades at the beginning of this restoration.

Removing old pins from brass covers.
Removing old pins from brass covers.

Discovering the broken spring was a hard turn for this restoration. The design of the spring is definitely unique but with flows. That tiny ¨V¨ shape of the spring on both ends is just waiting to break at any time. I fabricated a new one from an old folding knife spring with slightly thicker ends. Hopefully this will last a bit longer.

Broken ¨V¨ shaped spring.
Broken ¨V¨ shaped spring.

The brass covers I cleaned first with a non-woven abrasive sheet and polished with rough and then fine polish paste. I repeat the same process for the blades and the spring.

Fine brass polishing by hand.
Fine brass polishing by hand.

Finally, I started assembling this ladies pocket knife. It was tricky to get it in place with ¨V¨ shaped spring. I was struggling, I have to say this was the hardest restoration for me so far. I picked this folding pocket knife to restore because it looked quite simple and easy, but it wasn’t.

Almost done with assembling.
Almost done with assembling.

I am super happy that I managed to restore the pocket knife and add it to my collection.  

Ladies pocket knife restored
Ladies pocket knife restored

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Ladies pocket knife other side.
Ladies pocket knife other side.

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