Milwaukee hand cranked grinder RESTORATION

Milwaukee hand cranked grinder restoration is coming up! It is produced by AMERICAN GRINDER MFG.CO. in USA in 1920’s.

This old Milwaukee hand cranked grinder is such a nice piece to restore. I had it for a while now, but haven’t had time to restore it until now.

Milwaukee hand cranked grinder before restoration

Unfortunately, this one missing couple of bits, but still is usable and in good shape. The odd thing was color. That seems like it is not correct. So, I did a short research I found out that it is originally painted in black. I double confirmed that after opening the hand cranked grinder…

Milwaukee hand cranked grinder catalog

First I disassembled the grinder and had to wash all parts from grease what build up over the years. The mechanism is quite simple and does not have to many parts. I can see on this one that someone in the past tread bolt holes for bigger bolts…

Check out this video 👇 , it shows all steps how I restored this hand cranked grinder!

Hope you enjoyed in this Milwaukee hand cranked grinder restoration video! Thanks a lot for watching!

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Hand cranked grinder bath

After disassembling I washed all parts carefully and left them to dry on air. As you can see on picture below, that was really dirty water after washing…

Milwaukee hand cranked grinder bath

Then I dried all parts for next step. Hey, they look already much better then before. I like this green paint, but I decided to keep it original as much as I can. This grinder I will be using in many upcoming videos and it is important to keep it original…

Milwaukee hand cranked grinder parts after washing

Next step was to remove existing paint and for that i will be using paint remover. I applied on all painted parts and left it overnight. After that I washed hand cranked parts. So, I proceed with further restoration.

Then I waited to dry properly and cleaned all parts with acetone 100% and masked some parts and hang them for painting. I did one coat primer and two coats of black paint.

That dried out nicely and finally I started assembling the parts. In meanwhile while I was waiting, I polished the brass tag. After that I slightly modified the wooden handle. To be more precise, attachment to the handle.

Finally assembling time

And finally as a last part of the puzzle I installed old grinder stone. Stone is in great shape and there is no need to replace it. I have used previously restored adjustable wrench to tight the bolt.

Milwaukee hand cranked grinder

It took me quite long to do restore this hand cranked grinder, but I am so happy that I did it. It will be great addition to my collection and very helpful in upcoming projects.

Milwaukee hand cranked grinder after restoration

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