Old Knife RESTORATION | Signed Kauhava Knife from 1920-1930’s

WOW! I put my hands on very old signed Mora knife, so excited. Can’t wait to start this old knife restoration project. I wonder who signed it dough?

Old Knife before RESTORATION

So, I tried to find out and no luck, but I don’t give up so easy. I have contacted the previous owner to find out more about this signature.

He is assuming that this signature belongs to the maker of this Mora knife. The original owner of this Mora knife has past away a long time ago. Last option is to contact directly a Morakniv company and ask if they can recognize the signature… fingers crossed!

Morakniv company is well known as a knife maker. Purely because, knives are sold worldwide. They are making knives from 1891 in place called Mora in Sweden. Knives are designed for craft use, outdoor and kitchen… visit there website at: https://morakniv.se/ (not sponsored)

Seller advertised the knife as Mora knife and came with the Mora sheath…

I was surprised after contacting Morakniv company. They looked at photos what I sent. So, they replied promptly with information that this knife is not produced by Morakniv. This could be a knife from Finland.
Thomas from Morakniv was really kind and gave me a contact to a person who can help me with the knife. Huge thank you Thomas and Dennis, I am very grateful for helping me!
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As Thomas suggested, I sent an email to Anders Halldén who works at the museum in Jönköping – http://www.cultur.nu/ . Also, Anders was super helpful and knowledgeable. He responded quite quickly with good informations. This Kauhava knife dates between 1920-1930’s from Finland. Also, about signature he wanted to double check and…

Old Knife signature

… after a short period of time I got a name: Eino Syvänen
Wow, he made this beautiful knife approximately 100 years ago…

I want to say: thank you very much Anders Halldén for your help and quick response.

Old Knife after RESTORATION

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