Mushroom Wood Burning Project [+Birds Singing]

This time I am doing mushroom wood burning project. I found this wooden box on flea market and decide to burn a mushroom, because the size of the box is perfect to keep mushroom knives. But, what kind of mushroom. Hmm, let’s make a coffee and check out on Google 😊.

There was several possibilities, but I choose a porcini (Boletus) mushroom. Very well, that is sorted! Now, Wooden box is height and little bit tricky to work with. So, to make wood burning easier, I took the box apart. YES, now pedal to the metal! I draw first a motive on the box cover. Not just as contour lines, I did this time shading ‘partially’. While was pyrography pen on heating, camera was adjusted for better angle (several times).

Check out this mushroom wood burning video below!

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Burning went quite well, except small fight with the cable of pyrography pen. Cable is firm and don’t allow hand to move freely. Good tip here – try to avoid this type of pyrography pen! Anyway, I carried on with burning and before the end I was using shading pyrography bit. Project was fairly straightforward and took me 4 hours. I used wooden box as material and tools such as: pyrography set, sandpaper P600 grit, screwdriver.

Trailer version of this video:
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Mushroom wood burning motive.
Mushroom wood burning motive on a beautiful wooden box.

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