Welcome back, today I will show how I did old blade refurbishing. Beside the blade I sanded down the handle and applied beeswax finish. So, it is a knife restoration video kind of…

Old blade refurbishing before
Old blade before refurbishing.
Old knife before refurbishing
Old knife before refurbishing.

On the blade are stamped letters AM and that always bring a smile to my face. I know that someone put a lot of time and effort in making this knife. All steps I did with basic hand tools, so nothing stops you from restoring your favorite knife …

Check out this old blade refurbishing video below!

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Let’s dive in

Filing the old blade
Filing the old blade’s top edge.

First things first. I started by filing the blade and removing the surface rust. Also in the same time I managed to remove all deeper pittings.   

Filling detail
Filling detail – close up.

After filing for about 1 hour I could finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. Here is how it looks the top edge.

Here is how the blade looks after filing.
Here is how the blade looks after filing.

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And here the side of the old blade.

Result after filing the blade.
Result after filing the blade.

So, now I could focus on sanding the blade. I do not prefer wet sanding but this time I tried something new. I added the coffee to tap water and used it as a lubricant for the sandpaper. My goal with this was to get a bit more pleasant smell while sanding. And it worked quite well.

Sanding the blade
Sanding the blade with 120 grit wet sandpaper.
Sanding the blade on a sanding block
Sanding the blade on a sanding block.

Almost there, hang on!

Finally after a really long sanding (from 120 grit up to 1200 grit) I got a nice looking blade. So the next thing that I did was masking the blade for polishing.

Masking partially the blade for polishing.
Masking partially the blade for polishing.

Of course, for polishing I will be using my good old hand crank grinder. Polishing is one of my favorite parts during refurbishing. For a short time the blade becomes like a mirror.   

Polishing the blade's edge
Polishing the blade’s edge with a help of hand crank grinder.

After polishing I masked the blade to protect while sanding the handle. For the handle I used sandpaper 400 grit. It was not much demanding to get nice smooth surface.

Sanding the handle
Sanding the handle with 400 grit sandpaper.

Furthermore to finish the handle I applied a light coat of homemade beeswax polish and got the smooth silky finish as I wanted.

Applying beeswax to the handle
Applying beeswax to the handle.

Just before I finished, I filled the gap between the blade and the handle. For that I used two component epoxy glue. This is a nice way to protect for example the tang from the weather and the handle from cracking.

Filling the gap between the blade and the handle with two component epoxy glue.
Filling the gap between the blade and the handle with two component epoxy glue.

Sharpening and testing the blade

I always finish blade sharpening with a leather strap. It is a huge difference, totally new experience for cutting. Therefore if you haven’t tried it yet, I highly recommend it.

Last step of sharpening with the help of a leather strap.
Last step of sharpening with the help of a leather strap.

It is time to put the blade to the test. I cutted the plane paper without any struggle, so I decided to cut the carrot as well.  It was surprisingly easy. Usually carrots snap and break under the knife, but this one just slides through the carrot.  

Chopping the carrot with the knife
Chopping the carrot with the knife.

The moment what we were waiting for  

Lovely looking knife
Lovely looking knife

The knife is absolutely gorgeous. Blade looks like a brand new.

Old blade is like brand new
Old blade is like a brand new.

Thank you a big time for checking out this post!
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  1. Love your videos. So relaxing! Just curious but, once you’ve used those sheets of sand paper on the blade, do you throw them out or can they be used again?

  2. Very nicely done. I can’t believe how sharp you can make your knives!

  3. Fabulous restoration mate! I really like the peace in your video. Etc.

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  5. In all my time making and repairing at a bench, it never occured to me to sit down! No wonder my back hurts! Great work, I like your style.

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  12. I am not a great fan of this restoration. You turned the scandi grind into a scandi/convex-ish bastard grind and ruined the sharp 90° back angle.
    Very nice of you to keep the wooden handle though! Getting rid of the rare curly wood would have been such a shame. Next time try a bit of oxalic acid to get rid of the black stain 😉

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