Old Blade Restoration – C.W.D.F.A.B. Eskilstuna

Restoring an EXTREMELY old blade from Sweden. This blade is produced around 1900th in a small place called Eskilstuna. Knives produced by Carl Walfrid Dahlgren are well known for quality and respected by collectors.

Knife blade restoration
Old Eskilstuna blade.

About the Old Blade

Owner of the knife factory was Carl Walfrid Dahlgren. The factory is located in Eskilstuna, Sweden. Knives were produced from 1870 to 1915 mostly for hunting. Final product from this factory is marketed as a luxury hunting knife. Also, his knives were famous for high quality etched blades and leather sheaths. In the first period of production the blades were marked “CW Dahlgren Eskilstuna” and later “C.W.D.F.A.B. Eskilstuna” The factory grew well and in 1904 he had 166 employees. 

C.W.D.F.A.B Eskilstuna old blade markings.
C.W.D.F.A.B Eskilstuna markings.

In the video below you can enjoy watching how I hand restored this old blade and made a new handle.

The Restoration Process

I started by removing the old metal washer at the end of tang. On my big wet stone wheel I removed all the surface rust and worn look from the blade. Blade was looking very good after, so I continued with sanding. I started sanding with 120 and finished with 1200 grit.

The blade is plain and I wanted to customize it a bit. Therefore, I made five circles different in size and five lines on the top of the blade to separate those circles. 

Customized blade with circles and lines.
Customization – circles and lines.

Making the Wooden Handle

In this video I made a new wooden handle out of darker wood mahogany and lighter beech. I cut the wooden pieces, glued them together and planed the sides. After that I started sanding with 180 and finished with 400 grit.  

New wooden handle, mahogany and beech.
New wooden handle, mahogany and beech.
Wooden handle is almost ready for the old blade.
Wooden handle is almost ready.

To give a character to this knife I carved Celtic motif and filled it with mixed mahogany dust and glue. Furthermore, I removed uneven surface with a rasp and sanded down. I submerged the handle in Teak oil and polished afterwards.

Came in a Mail

I received this knife blade from a guy who also restores old things. He named his channel Restored Channel and he is from Sweden. He pleasantly surprised me, because I didn’t know. Thank you for the package Restored!
If you are not familiar with his channel, please check it out HERE!

The package from Restored!
The package from Restored!

Finally, result after old blade restoration!

Final result after restoration-knifemaking.
Final result after restoration-knife making.
Detail of customized blade.
Detail of customized blade.
Detail of a blade after restoration.
Detail after restoration.

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Thank you for reading, see you in the next one!

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