The chopping knife well over 100 years old is in rough shape. So, in today’s video I will restore it to its original state without any power tools. It is used to chop candies in small bits. Those bits would fall into the bottom of the wooden box and be coated in sugar. 

Chopping knife before restoration
Chopping knife before restoration

Check out this old chopping knife restoration video below!

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After dismantling the KJ Mora knife I sanded the handle and started an complex painting method.

Chopping knife after restoration
Chopping knife after restoration

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Chopping knife handle detail
Chopping knife handle detail

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  1. Another hypnotizing video! Thank you so very much for all you do. Weird question time. Was your carrot cooked, or raw? It looked more raw to me. Also, how did sugar coated raw carrots taste? Sugar coated cooked carrots doesn’t actually sound all that bad.

  2. I like the workshop! It’s easier to understand how you work when you see the space you work in. Much better than just focusing on the project itself.

  3. that’s a cool shop, and an good bench but you might wanna put some wax on the vise so it goes smoothly

  4. The workshop looks really nice, lots of new toys 😀 Great restoration, lots of hard work as always!

  5. A little trick I do with my woodworking table to get rid of that squeaking, you can rub some Irish Spring bar soap on the threads and the guides. Makes a huge difference. great job on the restore!

  6. I was afraid you were “underrestoring” that box, but I should have known better…awesome as per usual!

  7. First video in the new shop! Looks like a great place to work and you have some new tools too! 👍 Great restoration as well 😁

  8. Like your new workshop so 19th century😁 with some new bits
    Well done

  9. hello my friend your new workshop looks great and the first renovation is also sensational greetings and waiting for new films thank you very much 👍

  10. This is great! I’m seeing you use tools that I’ve seen you restoring before. Love it. Please continu what you do! Do you like to go to thrift shops to look for old things to restore, never knowing what you’ll find?

  11. Шикарная мастерская. За реставрацию лайк.

  12. Feliz Navidad Mr. Boris.
    Excelente video, buena pieza para restaurar, la cocina siempre es la reina de la casa. Navidad y caramelos que combinación más genial.
    Felicitaciones por el nuevo taller, está fabuloso, algún día un video 360 de lo que tienes y donde lo tienes guardado, me encanta la distribución.
    Gracias por este primer video en el taller.
    Saludos desde Venezuela.

  13. Hey Boris! 🙂 Nice workshop with multiple interesting tools. And happy to see another video.😉
    Nice restoration, I like the tool and the outcome. Good job on that. 👍
    Love it. ! 👌

  14. Мои поздравления! Шикарная мастерская, мой друг.

  15. Мастерская похожа на музей, снимаю шляпу!

  16. Ооооо!!!! Большой привет мой друг Борис 👋👋👋 рад был посмотреть твой новый контент, реставрация на высшем уровне 👍👍👍 поздравляю тебя с новой мастерской она шикарна, не забудь заглянуть в Инстаграм я тебе отправил тебе сообщение , ну и наконец мир увидит своего героя😋 будь здоров и жму твою руку 🤝 успехов тебе ✌🏻🇷🇺

  17. yayyy.! how do you like making videos there? i was worried when i seen the hoodie that you was cold but then seen you took it off. 😂 Did you eat a carrot with sugar on it seriously? And im so excited seeing all the new gadgets and Mr. Woody of course. Great job

  18. думал для колки кокосовых орехов)
    настоящая реставрация, лайк!

  19. How does it feel having to walk to get to your tools? 😂 I am so proud seeing how amazing your new workshop. It still have the same vibe as your old place though so I love it. Great job with everything. I’ve been waiting since morning and it’s 11 pm now here. It really is worth the wait. Congratulations, Boris. Looking forward for more!

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