This is my first old woodsman’s cleaver restoration! I am very excited for this one. This is a Scandinavian type of barking tool or bark peeler. Mostly they are shaped as axes, but not so often as a cleaver. I am sure this is a barking tool because I purchased it from a guy who works in the forest. I haven’t found any markings on the blade, so it could be homemade.

Closer look at cleaver before restoration.
Closer look before restoration.

What I really like about this cleaver is the perfect balance between length and the weight. I am imagining several hours working with it without any arm muscle tiredness.

As always to restore some item I have to disassemble it first. That was not a problem with this wonderful tool and pretty soon here are all parts.

Disassembled cleaver.
Disassembled cleaver.

Check out this old woodsman’s cleaver restoration video below!

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The handle was in rough shape and I wanted to make something good, so I decided to use a walnut tree. I had it for a while and became super dry. So I had some struggles to shape it as I wanted. Therefore took much longer time, but importantly I was happy with final shape.

Sanding and painting

Sanding metal parts is straight forward and after a while I was ready to spray paint. I did primer coat with rust sealer, two coats of blue paint and clear coat as final layer.

Waiting to dry after primer.
Waiting to dry after primer.

Finally, after painting I applied linseed oil and homemade beeswax to the walnut handle. I am really pleased with outcome and I am so glad I restored this woodsman’s cleaver. Here is how it looks!

Ready for new barking challenges.
Ready for new barking challenges.

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Final result after restoration.
Final result after restoration.

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