Restoration of a RARE and LUXURIOUS Flora Pocket knife from Germany to mirror finish. This pocket knife is rarely sold. I found out that according to the shape and origin, mostly used by gardeners for pruning and grafting.

Old FLORA pocket knife before restoration
Old FLORA pocket knife before restoration.

About The Flora Pocket Knife

This is actually a RARE OLD pocket knife I think, produced in Dresden, Germany. Inscriptions on the blade are FLORA, WERK, DRESDEN.

Old FLORA pocket knife inscriptions. FLORA, WERK, DRESDEN
Old FLORA pocket knife inscriptions: FLORA, WERK, DRESDEN.

The pocket knife is solid in hand but with a worn look. The steel blade is slightly rusty and has surface stains. Smaller blade is made out of brass. They are often made in plastic but this one is a more luxurious version. The wooden covers are in good condition except discoloration and worn out look. Also, the liners and pins are made out of brass.

I am not sure how old this pocket knife is, but my best guess is around 60’s. Norwegians are proud owners of gardens and it is natural that this beautiful knife ended up here. I had a lot of luck to find it and restore it.  If you know more about this pocket knife, please leave a comment below!

In the video below you can enjoy watching how I hand restored this old Flora pocket knife.

The Restoration Process

I started by spraying the blades with multi-spray. Waited for a couple of minutes and I easily pulled out both blades. Furthermore with the help of a small hammer and puncher I managed to dismantle this pocket knife without any trouble. I submerged parts in a 35% vinegar solution for a few hours, grind on a wet stone wheel, sanded by hand and polished afterwards with hand crank grinder.

Mirror finish of a brass liner
Mirror finish of a brass liner.

I sanded discolored surface areas from wooden covers with 180 – 240 grit. This time I used any Tung oil, beeswax polish and I polished the wooden covers.

After that I used brass pins different in thickness as the original ones were. Finally, assemble the pocket knife, hammer it and file the brass pins. 

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Restored old FLORA, WERK, DRESDEN pocket knife
Restored old FLORA, WERK, DRESDEN pocket knife.
After restoration, brass blade detail.
After restoration, brass blade detail.

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  1. I was; assuming that the smaller blade had been broken at some time, but is it the original shape? Great restoration.

  2. Excelente trabajo, excelente resultado, muy bella restauración la pieza se ve mas como una joya (que lo es)..
    Como siempre muchas gracias por un buen video para iniciar el año.
    Gracias Sr.Boris

  3. It is a budding knife with a brass barklifter. Most commonly used for budgrafting apple trees and roses. There is still a factory in Germany making those knives, Tina-Messerfabrik. I couldn’t find Flora knives but I could find something about the Flora, the saxon association of botany and horticulture in Dresden. You can find it on Wikipedia as “Sächsische Gesellschaft für Botanik und Gartenbau”. It could be a private label item by this association, but this is wild guessing.

  4. Как говорил один мудрец:можно смотреть и испытывать наслаждение на три вещи : как горит пламя,как течёт вода и как работает кто то!Отличная работа,испытал удовольствие от увиденного!👍🤌✌

  5. Хорошая работа.С интересом посмотрел несколько роликов по реставрации инструментов.Спасибо!

  6. Boris i’ve been watching your videos for a while now. i love them. one question i’ve had since the beginning: what is that hand buffing and wire wheel you have, and where did you get it? do they still make those or is it an antique?

  7. Muito bom ! Excelente restauração. Só me preocupo com a saúde do migo. Use mais uma cadeira com rodinhas e fique sentado mais tempo possível. De pé sua coluna vertebral uma hora vai reclamar. ( from Brazil )

  8. Hi! I just want to give you a huge thumbs up for the great info you’ve got right here on this post.
    I am returning to your site for more soon.

  9. FFD great video as always! If ever you get a chance could you add into a restoration how to replace a broken backspring on a pocket knife Thanks keep up the good work

  10. Great restoration my friend, it’s always a pleasure to watch your work, Wayne

  11. Эх басурманин. Механизируй все у себя а то жалко тебя видеть одной рукой.

  12. Nice shop.
    The only thing I might do differently is [ @ 5:58 ] , remove that nut smacker on the grind wheel and store it away. You seem to use the treadle most of the time anyway. Put the crank back on when you have an assistant to turn it for you.

  13. Very nice restoration,should do a knife also🤔Greetings from Germany!

  14. My eyes could only tear up at the 5:39 second mark. The symbolism of your project and the city of where the knife was manufactured is nothing short of astonishing. Thank you for inviting us into your shop and for all the time it takes for editing.

  15. Great restoration and I love your videos, I just wish you made them without any music…

  16. Happy new year!
    Of course I love, that it is a German knife 😉
    Great result and really nice shots btw.

  17. Loved the camera work on this one! Those close up shots are sweet! Cheers my dude

  18. Looks awesome Boris! You really need to teach me how to make knives that sharp, I can sometimes make them shave arm hair, but it never cuts paper like that! p.s. I noticed the time stamps were not as detailed as normal, I hope this is just because you ran out of time as I usually find the timestamps to be quite informative.

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    FFD это удается!

  23. Nice restoration. I like that you restore the old wood components when possible. This may be a silly question, but what is the purpose of the small blade on this knife? It didn’t look like it was sharpened and appeared to too rounded a tip for a screw driver (sort of liked like the tip of an oyster knife).

  24. I don’t why but I feel like sharing this. I have been on a job hunt after graduating in February last year. Today is finally my first day at work. After one day of training, all I have in mind was your advice to keep things organized. I don’t know how, but watching your videos really is inspiring. And now, after long hours, I am finally able to sit, relax and enjoy your video, which of course, is again a great one! 😄😄😄

  25. Great video as always… Question : Does wood really comes back to life after certain treatment to deserve not to be changed… or it’s a question of restauration purism to keep the original wood peaces…?

  26. Хорошая работа, хороший садовый нож)))

  27. Wieder mal ein tolles Video,das Ergebnis läst sich sehen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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