This time I am doing rare old folding pocket knife restoration. Knife is produced by German company Solingen and has a marking ¨PUMA¨ on both blades. I can’t confirm with certainty, but it looks like it dates from around 1960’s. The folding pocket knife is in rough shape and severely rusted.

Old folding pocket knife before restoration
Old folding pocket knife before restoration

Firstly I tried to pull out the blades, but that didn’t happened. So I sprayed a rust releaser and waited for 15 minutes. After that I managed to pull out both blades and the wine corkscrew. Now I could take a better look at blades and the knife’s condition.

Check out this old folding pocket knife restoration video below!

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One of the knife’s handle was damaged and not repairable. Blades where OK, small blade was slightly bended. Also both knife’s ends were bended and brass parts corroded.

Finally I could start with restoration. So, first I disassembled the pocket knife and placed all parts in vinegar bath for 2 hours.

All knife's parts after disassembling.
All knife’s parts after disassembling.

After waiting for two hours it was time to proceed with restoration. I took out parts and dried them with cloth. Than I used a brass brush and steel brush to remove tarnish, rust and dirt.

Next step was removing deeper rust on steel parts with sandpaper in different grit sizes. After a while I managed to remove all rust and get parts in decent shape. There were still a little bit of pitting on the blades, but I could sand more since the blades are quite thin. I didn’t want to damage the blades.

Making new wooden handles for the pocket knife!

I had to make a new pair of handles. I decided to make wooden ones because I haven’t had proper plastic to melt and shape. So, I cut the wooden piece and sand it in shape of the original handles. I marked the holes and drill them with hand drill.

Now I was ready to assemble the pocket knife. So I started first by placing brass pins in holes. And after that placing other knife’s parts in right spots.

Assembling the pocket knife.
Assembling the pocket knife.

Finally, I shaped the wooden handles after assembling and polished all metal parts with hand cranked grinder. After that was just to apply a homemade beeswax (linseed oil and beeswax) and to sharpen the blades.

For sharpening I am using a honing rod and a piece of leather. This combination gives me a very pleasant result.

This is how folding pocket knife turned out after restoration.
This is how folding pocket knife turned out after restoration.

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