In today’s post I will show you how I did old French pocket knife restoration. I bought this pocket knife with several other pocket knives a while ago. The blade is in decent condition, has some deep scratches and rust. Bolsters are in good condition, one of them is slightly twisted.

Old french pocket knife before restoration.
Old French pocket knife before restoration.

Covers on the knife are in bad shape and has to be replaced. I will be definitely making new wooden covers in this post as well.

Check out this old French pocket knife restoration video below!

Hope you enjoyed in this restoration video! Thanks a lot for watching!

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Old French pocket knife disassembling

For this pocket knife I had struggle with taking it apart. I have never seen brass pins so much hammered down. The ”pins head” was twice as wide as actual pin for bolters and covers. But after a several attempts I finally managed to loosen all parts.

Pocket knife parts after disassembling.
Pocket knife parts after disassembling. I had to cut all brass pins to be able to pull parts apart.

After that I cleaned surface rust with small steel brush and sanded away rest of rust. For that I used 120 grit. I had to sand twice to get rid of all rust and pittings. Further sanding with 240 > 400 > 800 grit helped me to get nice, shiny and smooth surface.

After secong sanding with 120 grit.
After second sanding with 120 grit.

Making new wooden covers

Finally after long sanding I could start making new wooden covers. For this I choose a walnut wood. I cut two pieces with my recently restored handsaw in desired size. Then I shaped covers with small plane and file.

One scale is shaped, one more to go.
One scale is shaped, one more to go.


After making and shaping the covers I started assembling the knife. That is so exciting part, right! I love assembling, that means I did all hard work. Anyway, while assembling I noticed a fault on the first end spring. I don’t know is it a factory fault but can’t be closed properly because of extended ridge on the spring. See picture below and imagine closed, you will see that ridge will stop the blade closing properly. I decided to not modify the spring and leave it as is…

While I was assembling I noticed a mistake on this knife. Not sure is it from factory. That would be cool.
While I was assembling I noticed a fault on first end spring. Not sure is it from factory. That would be cool, though!

Finishing up

Finally I was ready to apply linseed oil and homemade beeswax on covers. I cleaned pocket knife nicely, blade and bolters are polished.

Held in hand after assembling, before linseed oil and homemade beeswax.

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Here is how it looks after the restoration.
Here is how it looks after the restoration.

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    Lovely work by the way 👍

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    Saludos desde Argentina

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    I like the restoration. The knife turned out great. Another one to your collection. Share your display of knives on Instagram 👍
    Keep it coming 😉

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