In today’s post I will be doing old half round Swedish chisel restoration. It will be great addition to my other restored chisels. The chisel’s handle is really basic, so beside restoring chisel I will be making new bigger wooden handle as well.

Old half round Swedish chisel before restoration.
Old half round Swedish chisel before restoration.

I don’t know much about this Swedish chisel. I bought it with several other rusty hand tools. Steel is definitely a good quality. During the restoration I found out that it is produced by  Erik Anton Berg (E.A.Berg) manufacturing company in Eskilstuna, Sweden.

Check out this old half round Swedish chisel restoration video below!

Hope you enjoyed in this restoration video! Thanks a lot for watching!

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Swedish chisel disassembled.
Swedish chisel disassembled.

Of course I disassembled the chisel and placed the blade in vinegar bath. I have been using same vinegar several times now. It is completely fine to do so, has the same effect even after several uses.

This is how it looks after vinegar bath and here I could clearly see the stamp.
This is how it looks after vinegar bath and here I could clearly see the stamp.

With a help of steel brush, file and sandpaper I managed to get nice shiny finish on chisel’s blade. And here is how it looks after many hours cleaning, filing and sanding.

Chisel after cleaning and sanding.
Chisel after cleaning, filing and sanding.

This part of restoration is finished. So, now I could focus on making a new handle. Maybe you remember this piece of wood from a recent video. Anyway, I cutted in desired length and will shape it along the way.

IN the wice is piece what I am gonna use.
In the vice is piece what I am gonna use.

Furthermore I got nice handle shape with small plane, file and sandpaper. I finally managed to get the shape what I wanted. Where comes chisel I placed a metal ring to prevent wood cracking.

Here I shaped the metal ring.
Here I shaped the metal ring.

Finally assembling.

As a last step in this restoration I assembled the Swedish chisel and applied pigmented linseed oil and homemade beeswax finish. I am quite happy with the result. The wooden handle is much longer than previous one. I did this because I want to use both hands while carving or making a groove in the wood.

This is how looks like stamp after restoration.
This is how looks like stamp after restoration.

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Old half round Swedish chisel after restoration.
Old half round Swedish chisel after restoration.

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  1. I wonder, is that a standard chisel or a turning gouge? Since it doesn’t have now, or even before you removed the old handle, any place to us a hammer. it could be a turner’s gouge. IDK. Thumbs Up either way.

  2. u gettin better. keep up the consistency of uploads
    but still the sharpening part could be improved

  3. Hi Boris! The Swedden tools are big word of quality handmade. You make justice to this one!

  4. Hi Boris!
    Great Restoration, love the outcome. 👌
    Specially the handle looks nice. You did a nice job on it. I’m looking forward to seeing the chisel in action. 😉
    And the vinegar bath was a nice touch. Nice!

  5. Wow! Well done job!👍👍👍I like this nice sweden chisel!👌😀👌
    Saw is beatutiful as well😍😍😍You skill is perfect.👍Good luck in your restoration!😀

  6. Disciplined, skilled hands. Excellent work to restore the old chisel for a new life.

  7. Nice! Beautiful job Boris! The larger handle was a great addition,it will make using the chisel so much more comfortable and easier to use!!👍👍💯

  8. Super robota wykonanie perfekt pozdrawiam serdecznie powodzenia like

  9. Great job as always! What wood did you use for the handle out of interest? I’ve got a new handle to make but not sure what wood is best. Was good to see you using a better saw!! 😄👍🏻

  10. Hi my friend Boris 👋👋👋 awesome restoration chisel 👍👍👍🔥👌🏽✌🏻🇷🇺

  11. It’s awasome..!!!! I love all your restoired tools, and i see you had use the pretty Saw of another video. A wonderfull work. Thanks for the video.

  12. Great job man after watching your videos for a long time I would love to see a video of you doing kind of a tools collection video of all the tools you use and all the knives and stuff you restored

  13. Always so amazing. The moment you separated the handle is so satisfying. Also, so happy to see the saw from last week’s video. Wishing you well and looking forward for more videos! 😄

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