This old handmade knife restoration was something new to me. The soft steel outside of the blade and harder on the inside. Also the blade does not go all the way thru the handle.

Old handmade knife before restoration.
Old handmade knife before restoration.

Knife came from a guy who was selling knives from his grandfather. Actually I got pretty good deal on this one because of the condition. I was happy with purchase and definitely he was happy too.

Check out this old handmade knife restoration video below!

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Knife after disassembling.
Knife after disassembling.

That was interesting disassembling for sure. I had to twist, pull, dragg up and down and finally with screwdriver I managed to separate handle from the blade. After successful disassembling I could proceed with restoration.

Firstly I started restoring the wooden handle with sandpaper. I begin with 240 grit. There was no need for lower grit. After 240 I had to use actually a 80 grit, then 120 and finally 240 for the surface around the groove.

Here is how it looks after sanding.
Here is how it looks after sanding.

Afterwards I used a steel brush to remove surface rust. Then sanded down with 120 grit. At this point I could clearly see the markings on the blade.

Old handmade knife blade with visible stamp R.J.
Old handmade knife blade with visible stamp R.J.

Next was 240 grit sandpaper, then 800 and finally 1000 grit. I managed to get really smooth surface. Then I polished the blade with polish paste and hand cranked grinder (polishing wheel attached). Further I glued the blade and handle I left it overnight to dry properly.

Old handmade knife is assembled and glued together.
Old handmade knife is assembled and glued together.

Next day I applied linseed oil on the handle and rubbed some homemade beeswax polish. Wooden handle definitely got that shine back and richness of the wooden grain.

Old handmade knife after restoration.
Old handmade knife after restoration.

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Restored knife with original sheath.
Restored knife with original sheath.

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  1. Hi , Boris,,,,As always nice job,,,, felicitaciones por tu buena restauración,,,, sobretodo porque conservaste el cabo original,,,,,,, éxitos ,,,,,,🇵🇪😄👍

  2. My man! Beautiful job! .by any chance you know what’s the handle made with?

  3. Hi, that was a nice restauration, love what you did. But be careful when you have some hard work to do, the blade is seriously cracked. Must be gone something wrong while forging.

  4. Great job man were you able to find the knife maker who made that

  5. very nice job Boris. I think you have the perfect technique to grind, everyone else would have arms like the Hulk. best regards from Germany

  6. Like it alot
    but as basically always I have a little advice for you
    when gluing put somme glue in the handle first and then put the blade in
    that way you don’t have to deal with the glua outside of the handle👍

  7. Hi my friend Boris 👋👋👋 to restore the knives 🔪 is your calling 👌🏽awesome restoration 👍👍👍🔥✌🏻

  8. I liked the restoration of the knife, its restoration and very good.
    🇧🇷 Brazil

  9. Me gusto que restauraste. No modificaste ni reemplazaste. Felicitaciones, muy buen trabajo. Un abrazo.

  10. I think the R.J was stamped on by whoever owned it. Nice restoration! 👍

  11. One of the best thing to happen to me in quarantine is finding your channel weeks ago. I have spent hours watching your previous videos. Really inspired by how little tools you used yet the final work is beyond amazing. Looking forward for more videos! 🙂

  12. I was so happy you was able to keep the original handle. Great job as always.

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