Old hunting knife – my 2nd Norwegian knife restoration

Yes, that is right, hunting knife from Norway! This is my 2nd Norwegian knife restoration. I have restored many knives so far, but not so often a Norwegian knife. They have simple design, solid in hand and perfect for what they are made for.

Old hunting knife before restoration.
Old hunting knife before restoration.

As you can see this old hunting knife is in terrible condition. I am not sure how and in which manner has been used in the past. But I am sure it will look like new when I finish restoring it.

Background info about the knife and maker!

Exact age determination is unfortunately quite difficult. The knife is probably homemade, with the blade from Helle (knife maker). Gebrüder Helle have always sold finished knives, as well as blades.

Back then, it was very common to adapt the blade to a homemade handle, because of the price. Helle did not make any “Mora knives” – but the handle looks to me very similar to Mora knives. Maybe this could be a combination…

The hallmark does not make age determination easy either. This hallmark was used from the late thirties to the early sixties. The first hallmark from Gebrüder Helle was “S & S HELLE HOLMEDAL SUNNFJORD”, from 1932 to the late 30s. Then came “S & S HELLE HOLMEDAL NORGE”, and later others (HELLE NORWAY and others). The blade is then probably from the 40s or 50s.

Check out this old hunting knife restoration video below!

Hope you enjoyed in this old knife restoration video! Thanks a lot for watching!

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As always, first thing to do is disassemble the knife. So I clammed blade in table vice. Then, I removed small brass washer at the end of the handle to loosen the blade. After that I just pulled out the handle with a bit of force.

Then I brusher all surface rust from the blade with steel brush. I used a hand cranked grinder and sandpaper to get the blade in good shape. Wooden handle needed care as well. So I continue restoration by sanding the handle, applying thin layer of red paint and finally applied teak oil.

Ready knife's part for assembling.
Ready knife’s part for assembling.

To finish restoration I polished the blade and rubbed homemade beeswax finish on both: on the blade and the handle. And here is how it looks after many hours of sanding, polishing and sharpening.

At the end I always like to sharpen the knife and test it with a plain white paper.

Hunting knife held in hand after restoration.
Hunting knife held in hand after restoration.

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Barely visible 'S&S Helle Holmedal Norge' branding stamp.
Barely visible ‘S&S Helle Holmedal Norge’ hallmark.

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