I was avoiding this old knife to restore for a while now because it has a broken tip. Finally, I did the old KKS knife with a broken tip restoration video. The whole restoration process went smoothly. I even had a chance to use a recently restored hand drill press to make a brass disc for this old knife. As a result of this restoration I tried to keep the knife in a vintage look with that blacksmith charm…

Old KKS knife before restoration.
Old KKS knife before restoration.

I started by disassembling the knife. Usually there is a small washer which holds the blade in place, but with this one that was not the case. It was glued with a not very strong agent.   

Check out this old KKS knife restoration video below!

Hope you enjoyed in this restoration video! Thanks a lot for watching!

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It took me a while to scrape that filling agent out and release the blade. After pulling out the blade I managed to separate bolster as well. Here is how it looks after disassembling.

After disassembling the old knife.
After disassembling the old KKS knife.

Vinegar bath, cleaning, sanding…

Since the knife is disassembled I placed the blade and bolster in the vinegar bath for 12 hours. For a moment I thought the bolster was made out of copper, but I was wrong. It is brass.  

Always after vinegar bath the metal changes color. Bolster it looks like copper, but it is actually brass.
Always after vinegar bath the metal changes color. Bolster it looks like copper, but it is actually brass.

The next step is to wipe the blade and brush it with a steel brush wheel mounted on a hand cranked grinder. I managed to get the surface clean enough to be able to proceed with the restoration. So the next step was to mark out the line for the blade’s tip. In that way I could grind some material and reshape the damage. So don’t look broken as before.   

Grinding in action with my hand crank grinder.
Grinding in action with my hand crank grinder.

It was nice to see the hand cranked grinder in action. After a few minutes I got a nice ending blade.

I will stop here with grinding, even though I marked much more.
I will stop here with grinding, even though I marked much more.

After that I started using file and I removed some material from the blade. I did that on both sides. This was not very difficult since the blade is made out of laminated steel. This means that the outer layer is made out of soft steel and in the middle is very hard steel.   

Here I finished with a file. I removed enough of materijal to start sanding.
Here I finished with a file. I removed enough of materijal to start sanding.

Finally to finish the blade I did sanding with wet sandpaper. I started from 120 grit and finished with 800 grit. In between I sanded the handle as well. I got a really smooth finish with 800 grit.  

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Ready for assembling

This was a moment where I become excited. Final step before I can say I restored one more.

Here I was ready to start assembling the knife.
Here I was ready to start assembling the knife.

Assembling was really simple, just stacking pieces in order as I removed them previously. I used just a little glue to secure the brass disk piece that I made (check out the video above) and the blade itself.   

Restored old KKS knife with handmade charm.
Restored old KKS knife with handmade charm.

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Old KKS TINN stamp on the blade.
Old KKS TINN stamp on the blade.

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  1. Nice restoration. Trusty knife.
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  12. Good job, friend. You have skillful hands. Take care of them. When I saw you stick a wooden handle onto the shank of a knife, my heart sank. I have a friend with whom I once worked. He used the same method to put a wooden handle on the rasp shank. The handle split into two halves, and he pierced his arm with the shank. The spectacle, I must say, is not a pleasant one. Of course, I myself do not always follow safety precautions at work, but it was this moment that made me shudder. )))
    I wish you creative success and health.

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    The vinegar bath worked nicely and you did a nice job on the knife tip.
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