In today’s post I am restoring old Mora Swedish knife, the winner from last video voting. It seems that you guys enjoy mostly in knives restoration videos and that is great. Me too! I appreciate your love, watching, support, feedback, suggestions and voting of course!

Old Mora knife before restoration.
Old Mora knife before restoration.

I purchased this Mora knife way back from an old guy. The knife is produced in Sweden by Mora knife company. It is hard to say exactly how old it is, but according to the stamp it is around 1950th and the maker for this knife is Carl Anderssons.

I am always amazed by the age and the story behind the knives. Especially after many hours of sanding, polishing and assembling some new detail always pops up. And then I research more about the knife and trying to read the knives story…

Check out this old Mora knife restoration video below!

Hope you enjoyed in this restoration video! Thanks a lot for watching!

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Disassembled knife.
Disassembled knife.

Firstly I disassembled the knife and started sanding the handle. I used sandpaper 80 > 180 > 240 grit. After that I used hand cranked grinder to remove all surface rust from the blade. Then sanding again, but this time the blade and the metal cap. For this sanding I used sandpaper 80 > 180 > 240 > 400 > 800 and 1000 grit.

Knife's blade after long sanding.
Knife’s blade after long sanding.

After being happy with the results of sanding I polished the blade with mini hand cranked grinder. On the grinder was a polishing wheel. In meantime I painted the handle in dark-ish red.

Finally I started assembling the knife, sharpened it and applied the homemade beeswax on the knife’s blade and the handle. Here is how it looks!

A detail after the restoration.
A detail after the restoration.

Thank you a big time for reading this post!
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Mora Swedish knife after restoration.
Mora Swedish knife after restoration.

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