Definitely interesting old one and a half hand sided saw rescue. In this restoration video I tried to rescue this hand saw, unfortunately because of too deep pitting on saw blade I couldn’t get result what I wanted.

OLd hand saw before restoration.
Old hand saw before restoration.

Anyway, I started restoration by disassembling the hand saw. The saw’s blade was attached to the handle with two brass rivets. I had to break them to be able to separate saw blade from the handle.

Check out this old one and a half hand sided saw rescue – restoration video below!

Hope you enjoyed in this restoration video! Thanks a lot for watching!

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Disassembled old hand saw.
Disassembled old hand saw.

After that I Placed a saw blade in vinegar bath and left it overnight. In meanwhile I was sanding the handle and preparing it for linseed oil.

Placed saw blade in vinegar bath.
Placed saw blade in vinegar bath.

For sanding down a wooden handle I used sandpaper grit 120 and afterwards grit 240. I got smooth and nice surface to proceed. Therefore was no need for higher grit number.

Here is how the handle looks like after sanding.
Here is how the handle looks like after sanding.

Next day I pulled out the saw blade from vinegar and cleaned it with plain cloth. After that I used steel brush to remove tarnish from vinegar.

Saw blade after overnight in vinegar bath.
Saw blade after overnight in vinegar bath.
Saw blade cleaned with plain cloth.
Saw blade cleaned with plain cloth.

To get better results I Installed steel brush on my restored hand cranked grinder and managed to get nice shiny surface. Really huge difference as you can see on picture below. Also I sanded the blade with sandpaper. Unfortunately some pitting were too deep and I had to stop sanding. Any further sanding would jeopardize the blade’s integrity.

Steel brush on hand cranked grinder.
Steel brush on hand cranked grinder.

Then I tilted the every second saw tooth and sharpen afterwards with triangle file. I was happy with sharpness and saw’s teeth condition, therefore I could start assembling the saw.

Assembling the old hand saw.

Placing brass peens instead brass rivets. I couldn't get hold of them...
Placing brass peens instead brass rivets. I couldn’t get hold of them…

Placing all parts together was easy task and it left just to hammer down the peens with peen ball hammer. Then with a help of a file I flattened the brass peens to wooden surface. And here it is!

Restored old one and a half sided hand saw.
Restored old one and a half sided hand saw.

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  1. My man! Awesome video. I didn’t know that you can sharpen a saw. I love your videos because I’m always learning new things. I’m restoring an old machete and i need some advice. Is there any way I could get an email to send you pictures? That would be great. Stay safe brother, greetings.

  2. It’s very rare to get an old saw back to a full shine on the blade. They’ve usually been that neglected that the pitting is disastrous. You did a great job on yours. I’d be very proud if that was mine. 👍🇦🇺

  3. Great job, those original rivets seemed to give you lots of trouble eh? Looks great with the peens.

  4. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 god

  5. I like the restoration Boris, good job on the saw. 👏
    The pitting looks great, and the brass pins you used – in my opinion even better than before. 👍
    Great job.

  6. Hello Boris ,,as always nice job,,,,,God bless you,,,,,éxitos,,…

  7. Great job man love the video and I was wondering if you can do request for me if you can find something like this I would love to see if you could restore a Barlow knife

  8. Nice work Boris!👍 I see you tried out the MCT, were you pleased with the results?

  9. When levering out the pins use a thin piece of metal between the wood and lever, cause a lot less damage.😉

  10. Great work still love. I know some restorers fix pitting but mixing some stuff together and sanding it. Maybe try to look into that. Sorry idk what it is. Your work is great though. ❤️

  11. Hi my friend Boris 👋👋👋 awesome restoration hand saw 👍👍👍👌🏽Didn’t you get my package?

  12. Interesting, good work. I have a question, how you use de “half” part of the saw?

  13. If you aren’t a pro one can spend hours to find screws, nails etc. In a hardware store. At least this happens to me….

  14. Nicely done mate
    Don’t worry about the imperfections only makes this saw look old timer

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