Today I will be doing old curved rusty knife restoration. Has interesting blade shape and I really like this green color on knife’s handle.

Old Curved Rusty Knife before Restoration

Knife itself is in bad rusty condition and definitely needs some love and work. As usually I will be doing full knife restoration without power tools.

First I disassembled the knife. It was a brass pin holding the blade in place. Using hammer and pliers i removed pin quite easily…

Than I sanded away old green paint on the handle and discovered a 175 number. That was so cool 🙂

Check out this old curved rusty knife restoration video!

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Next step was to sand a metal ring and the knife’s blade. Firstly I used 60 grit sandpaper, secondly it was 120 and I continued up tp 320 grit.

When that was out of the way, I decided to burn the number on the handle and keep it that way a long time ahead…

Burning the numbers on knife's handle

We are getting there, this wood burning came out great. Afterwards, I started spraying the handle with the primer. After that I finished it with green color as shown below…

Old Curved Rusty Knife - painting

As a last step I started assembling the knife. After that I was testing out the knife with the carrot :).

testing out Rusty Knife

Here is the final result!!! I really like this texture on the handle, also it helps for nice grip.

Old Curved Rusty Knife after Restoration

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