Today I will be doing old knife S-T-TINN restoration. I really like this type of knife, but disassembling can be difficult. This example here just reminded me that I have to find a better way of pulling the blade out.

Old S.T.TINN knife before restoration.
Old S.T.TINN knife before restoration.

After many attempts, the handle broke. I glued it, but definitely would be nice to avoid additional work and keep the original handle much as possible intact. It happens. I put a lot of effort into the handle, it looks ok, but I am not so pleased with it… Next time will be better 🙂 

Check out this old S-T-TINN knife restoration video below!

Hope you enjoyed in this restoration video! Thanks a lot for watching!

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Let’s break down this restoration  

First I started disassembling the knife. Usually it is not a problem to separate the blade from the handle. Unfortunately this one gave me a fair fight back. Furthermore, after many attempts I managed to break the handle.  

Blade after pulling out from the blade.
Old S-T-TINN blade after pulling out from the blade.

The blade is severely rusted and the tang is bended. Most likely that was the reason for difficult disassembling. Anyway, I glued the handle back together and here is how it looks.

Glued handle after the failed attempt of separating blade from the handle.
Glued handle after the failed attempt of separating blade from the handle.

While the handle was drying, I placed the blade in the vinegar bath. I was waiting for around 12 hours. After that I cleaned the blade with my hand cranked grinder with a steel brush attachment.  

Blade is cleaned on steel brush wheel.
Old S-T-TINN blade is cleaned on a steel brush wheel.

 Filing and sanding

So, the next step was to use a file for metal and remove all pitting. I did that very carefully around the blade’s stamp.  

Filing the blade with old Öberg file
Filing the blade with old Öberg file.

After that I did sanding of the handle and the blade almost parallel. For both I used sandpaper 120 > 240 > 400 and 800 grit. I managed to get really smooth surfaces.

The blade is ready to be sanded.
The blade is ready to be sanded.
This is how handle looks like after sanding.
This is how handle looks like after sanding.

Finally I could sharpen the blade and test it out with regular printing paper. It cuts so easily, that is joy to my eyes.

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This S.T.TINN knife is super sharp now. Cuts the paper very easily.
This Old S-T-TINN knife is super sharp now. Cuts the paper very easily.

Almost there

The last step is to assemble the knife , polish the blade and to apply homemade beeswax. All went smooth and I got myself an a beautiful restored example with markings on the blade S.T.TINN.

Old S.T.TINN knife is fully restored.
Old S-T-TINN knife after restoration.

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It looks gorgeous after restoration.
It looks gorgeous after restoration.

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  1. Даже с рукоятью выкрутился!))) Молодец! Отличная работа!

  2. I bet your heart sank when that handle cracked. Great job fixing it!

  3. I can just imagine how much work actually went into this mate good work man👍

  4. Beautiful handle. That’s really cool that you were able to salvage it. Great job. Nice editing too. Take care. 😃👍🏼

  5. Idk if you do this type of thing but. I have an old K-bar pocket knife that belong to me grandfather. He carried it threw Vietnam and was wondering if you would be interested in restoring it for me? And maybe filming it If not No worries I understand. You do such fine work I’d trust it in your hands easily.

  6. At first I thought trash that handle and make something new. Then I realized that was an amazing salvage and restore of a very cool handle / piece of wood. Well done. Cool vise. I need one like that.

  7. Oooh, split screen – nice! makes it feel like a montage 😎
    And like a lot of others, also glad you restored the handle, looks really good 👍

  8. Really enjoy watching you work. Question – why don’t you use 100% white vinegar?

  9. I think you need to branch out now and start including other type knifes like Gerber, Case, Buck and those type hunting knifes as well. Your present refurbishing types are starting to look all alike now…not much difference in them. And start using some other type scales for them. So many types of woods that incorporating them into your knife building would look great. JMHO Thumbs Up!

  10. Hi Boris, 🙂I am glad you didn’t throw away the broken handle.
    After the restoration it looks great, specially those wood grains. 👍
    Great job

  11. Another great restoration, repair at the end of the handle was fabulous

  12. Again boris brother magnificent outcome.. but I’ve got a question?
    What is your plan with all these knives? Like are you going to sell them or is it just a display. Or do you have plan for the whole concept?

  13. Love your work because its never too much like other restoration channel!

  14. Ты где такие ножи находишь?Сердце кровью обливается от их состояния до реставрации.😱😨😬

  15. Fabulous work sir, …..It’s pleasure to watch your restoration video ❤️❤️

  16. a da se malo vise potrudis, i da napravis novu drsku. i da ispoliras taj noz finom smirglom

  17. Warum erst den Griff ölen und dann kleben? Umgekehrt erscheint mir logischer, weil das Öl dann beim Kleben nicht wie ein Trennmittel wirken kann. Die Verklebung wird doch wesentlich fester. Aber ansonsten ein wirklich schönes Stück, Vogelaugen und Riegel, tolles Holzbild und auch im Ganzen ein schönes altes Messer-

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  21. Thanks for doing these. I love those types of knives. Some people bash Scandinavian and finnish knives for having a rat tail tang but if it’s done right it’s super strong(it has limitations).

  22. You go to all that trouble & not install a guard? You shortened the handle so surely there washroom for a small brass guard?

  23. Another great looking knife for the wall. Loved all of the multi shots with videos overlapping each other! Also enjoyed the 7% vinegar animation! 😄 It’s all the little details like those that really make your videos great! 👏🏻

  24. Very nice work and thanks for saving the handle. A good restoration. Cheers Stuart 🇦🇺

  25. а если подключить клинок к СВЧ генератору? может-быть рукоять снимется легче?

  26. i was so glad that you saved the handle. the graining of the wood is beautiful. could you tell me what kind of wood it is?

  27. I always feel alive every time you save the old handle 😂 Keep up the amazing work!

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