Restoration of Broken Old SCOUT knife. It is in very worn condition with a broken handle, guard is bent and blunt blade. This scout knife is designed to be used by kids as a first knife. In this post I will make a new handle, grind and polish the blade and at the end assemble it.  

Old scout knife before restoration.
Old scout knife before restoration.

About The Old Scout Knife

This small knife is specially designed for children as a first-time knife. With finger stops on both sides of the shaft, small hands will not slip over to the blade when nailing. The length of the knife blade is 3.3 in (8.5 cm). The total length of the knife is 7.1 in (18 cm). The tip of the blade is purposely oval for safety reasons.

In the video below you can enjoy watching how I hand restored this old scout knife and made a new handle.

I believe this could be an old Mora scout knife but it is hard to tell since the markings on the blade are missing. There are several producers of these knives here in Scandinavia like Mora, Øyo, Helle, Brusletto … They are fairly common here in Norway and it was not hard to find one to restore. 

The Restoration Process

I started by dismantling the scout knife. I removed the broken handle and all parts from the blade.

Removing an iron washer from the scout knife. 
Removing an iron washer from the handle. 

To remove scratches, rust, pitting and dirt from the blade I used a hand crank grinder, sand paper and I polished the scout blade afterwards. 

Grinding the blade on a hand crank grinder.
Grinding the blade on a hand crank grinder.

In the video above I made a new handle for this scout knife from walnut wood because it would be quite difficult to repair old broken handle. I cut the piece in desired length and with a chisel, plane, carving knife I made a rough shape. Finer shaping I did with rasp and sandpaper.  

Cutting walnut wood for the handle.
Cutting walnut wood for the handle.
Carving the handle for a scout knife.
Carving the handle.

I drilled the handle and with heat I managed to fit the blade in the new handle. Guard and bolster I cleaned on a steel wire wheel and did a hot brass transfer. It got a nice gold-ish look.

Shaping the inside of the blade for tang with heated tang.
Shaping the inside of the blade for tang with heated tang.

Last but not least, I assembled the scout knife. To secure the blade I haven’t used a rusty iron washer, instead I used a new brass washer. It looks much better in my opinion.

Placing a brass washer to secure the scout blade.
Placing a brass washer to secure the blade.
Handle detail.
Handle detail.

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Restored old scout knife for kids.
Restored old scout knife for kids.
Scout knife on a stand.
From other angle.

Thank you for reading, see you in the next one!

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  1. дружище, ты отлично знаешь свое дело. Проблема возникает, когда ты обрабатываешь клинок. у скандинавского ножа должны быть прямые спуски, ты их делаешь линзой.

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  5. Gracias Mr. Boris, excelente y hermoso trabajo como siempre y con el adicional de la explicación del origen de la pieza.
    Dar a conocer sobre la cultura y costumbre de su país aumenta significativamente el valor del trabajo bien hecho.
    Nuevamente gracias.

  6. Great jobs on everything you all do, Love the handed it very Beautiful . Nice video enjoy watching

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  19. I think you are probably one of the best if not the best restoration channels on YouTube. I love your work and the attention to detail is second to none. I will say though and I’ve said it before the videos when you have no music are so much better. The music is so distracting and sounds like an old 80s porn video. It’s an instant click off when I hear the loud and annoying music.

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