On first look this old knife appears as Mora knife, but it is not. This is a S&S Helle knife manufactured in small town Holmedal, Norway. I am not sure that this leather sheath came originally with this old S&S Helle knife but anyway I will try to refresh it and make it look decent.

Old S&S Helle Knife
Old S&S Helle knife before restorations.

The knife’s handle is simply made and the red paint is mostly gone. Bolster is severely rusted, the same as the blade. Also I can see that the blade is slightly bended and has small chips along the blade’s edge.  

Check out this old S&S knife restoration video below!

Hope you enjoyed in this restoration video! Thanks a lot for watching!

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Disassembling the old S&S Helle knife

Dismantling the knife was super easy and fast. I found only one washer holding the blade attached to the handle.

Old knife after disassembling.
Old knife after disassembling.

After that I placed the blade, bolster and washer in a vinegar bath for 12 hours. I used a 7% white vinegar. Also very easy to get and not expensive at all.  Therefore I highly recommend using it in your restoration projects. When it dried I cleaned the blade, bolster and washer with a steel brush wheel.  

Old S&S Helle knife after vinegar bath.
Old S&S Helle knife after the vinegar bath.  
Old S&S Helle knife after steel brush wheel.
Knife after the steel brush wheel mounted on hand cranked grinder. 

Sanding and filing

After sorted loose rust out of the way I could finally start filing and sanding. So, I used my favorite file for metal and removed the remaining deep rust and pittings.

Old S&S Helle stamp.
Old S&S Helle stamp.

Furthermore I sanded with 120 > 240 > 400 and 800 grit. This time I performed ¨wet sanding¨, using water. This method helps to cool down the blade and keeps the dust out of your lungs for example. 

Knife's blade sanded.
Knife’s blade sanded.

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Bolster sanded and ready for polishing.
Bolster sanded and ready for polishing.

Polishing and assembling

As usual I used my hand cranked grinder with polishing wheel attached to do the polishing. First I polished the blade, then the bolster and last the brass washer. The parts looked shiny and ready for assembling.

Old S&S Helle ready to be assembled.
Old S&S Helle ready to be assembled.

Finally I started assembling the knife. It was as simple as disassembling. It was just to put pieces together and hammer down the end of the blade’s tang. In that way the knife stays secured and solid for use.  

Old S&S Helle restored.
Old S&S Helle restored.

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Old S&S Helle held in hand after restoration.
Old S&S Helle held in hand after restoration.

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