Old Hand Drill Restoration [Stanley N°122]

This time I restored by hand an awesome old hand drill produced in USA by Stanley No 122. I purchased this hand drill as a lot in a box of old hand drills, nails, screws… Definitely this hand drill have seen better days. It is in pure condition, rusted, squealing and with bad paint. I did full restoration only with hand tools and without power tools.

Old hand drill produced in USA by Stanley No 122
Old hand drill produced in USA by Stanley No 122.

First I disassemble the hand drill and wash every single metal part in water mixed with dish soap. Let that to dry. To remove surface rust from metal bits, I used rust removal gel. With soft brush I applied gel and left it to rest for around 30 min.

These are all parts after disassembling.
These are all parts after disassembling.

Good to do something else while I am waiting

While metal parts resting, I jumped on wooden pieces. I sand them thoroughly and took all paint and clear coat off with sand paper. Washed again metal parts in a plastic bowl with water and dish soap. The purpose of this to remove rust removal gel and surface rust much as possible. Only metal part with paint is big red gear. I used acetone 100% to dissolve paint. Left in acetone for around two and half hours and start striping the paint with brass brush. That went smoothly and it was time to start working on other metal parts. I was using small and big file, sand paper and brass brush to remove remaining dirt and rust…that took a while. OK!

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Now, nice and fun part of the project, when things are shiny and ready to be put back together.

Parts after sanding and removing rust and paint.
Drill’s parts after sanding and removing rust ad paint.

But before that I have one more thing to do and that is painting. I did first primer and then 3 coats on metal and 4 coats on wooden part. Immediately after unwrapping painted parts I applied linseed oil on rest of wooden parts on this hand drill.

Prepared parts for assembling.
Drill’s parts prepared for assembling.

Time to assemble the hand drill.

Finally the moment of pure pleasure and satisfaction. I started assembling the hand drill. Honestly it took some time to connect, grease, hammer and screw all bits in place, but I lost track of time. Who cares…that moment of happiness and enjoyment worth for whole restoration. Check out the result yourself…

Assembled drill.
Assembled hand drill.

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Hand drill after restoration.
Hand drill after restoration.

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