Old Swedish knife Restoration is today’s post. When I received it, the knife was in terrible condition, very rusty and wooden surface was damaged and cracked. At that moment I was not able to read the markings on the Swedish knife’s blade, but after removing the surface rust I red markings: KJ Mora Sweden.

Old Swedish Knife after restoration

Krång-Johan Eriksson was a founder of this brand in 1912 in Sweden and all knives produced by his brand have markings KJ Mora Sweden. Knife manufacturing was basic and in small quantities. Original name for this knife is Morakniv (Mora kniv), ‘Mora’ is a place in Sweden where all knives are produced and ‘kniv’ means a knife.

Check out this video 👇 , it shows all steps how I restored this old Swedish Mora knife!

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I was not sure that this Swedish knife was close to 100 years, but after short researching, sure is. That was a nice surprise!

Let’s get started with old swedish knife restoration

Anyway, I started by disassembling the Swedish knife and removing rust from the knife’s blade.

Then I used a Swedish file to remove outer layer from knife’s handle, pure coincidence! Sanding I left for later and jumped straight on hand crank grinder to grind the blade’s surface.

Sanding the swedish knife

After that I started sanding the blade with several different sand paper grits. Starting with 120, then 240 and 400 and finishing with 1000 grit. At that point knife’s blade came out great. Then I came back to handle and started sanding with 120 grit and finished it with 240 grit.

Sanding  the knife's blade

Finally fun part! I mixed the linseed oil and red paint and applied on the knife’s handle. After that glue together knife’s blade, cone and handle. That went smooth and I started masking the handle and prepare it for the polishing.

Polishing the swedish knife

To polish I used my hand crank grinder with polish wheel and polish paste on the wheel. So, to finish the knife, I applied a homemade beeswax finish on the blade and the handle.

Swedish knife before assembling

It gave such a nice finish. Furthermore I sharpened the knife. For knife sharpening I used honing rod and peace of skin (leather). Immediately after I tested out the sharpness and that was impressive and scary!

Old Swedish Knife after restoration

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Old Swedish Knife after restoration

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