Painting Old Tools at Home – How to Guide [Preparation & Spray Painting]

This is a short painting old tools video where I am gonna show you how to spray paint old tool at home with step by step guide. You maybe thinking the paint step is most important? Not quite, painting is just a 30% of a job, preparation is key factor for good painting and takes the most of the time and nerves.

The process is very simple, but you have to be careful and patience. Also, to make it more simple and easier I break down the painting at home in 5 steps. If you have still old paint on your surface for painting, make sure to take off that paint before you continue. I did video on that and you can find more here!

So, I will assume that you have removed old paint and you are ready to start painting. If so, here are those 5 steps:

Clean thoroughly the surfaces ( in this case on a adjustable pliers) with acetone or spirit (BONUS tip: remove all imperfection in this step with a file or sandpaper, so you have better result)

Masking the surfaces what we don’t want to paint

Using wire to tie the parts and be able to hang them for painting

Painting Spray painting, one coat with primer and 3 coats with chosen color

Further more step 5 is assembling (if there is no need for assembling, you have one step less 😊)

painting old tools video
Pliers from different stage: top is before painting, middle after removing the paint and bottom pliers are after painting.

Check out this painting old tools at home video below!

Hope you enjoyed in this video! Thanks a lot for watching!
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After the painting at home

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