Pocket knife restoration from WW2 is a challenging project to do without any power tools. In this refurbishing video I will show you how I refurbished this WW2 pocket knife and made a new wooden handle from olive tree (it came out gorgeous).

Pocket knife before restoration

This WW2 pocket knife is produced in Solingen in Germany. One of the knife’s blade has a mark “G.M429221”, second one a “barrel brand” which means it is produced in 1934. Finally, third and last one is marked with “magnetic”.

Pocket knife after sanding

Since I could not refurbish the old pocket knife handles I had to make new ones. One option was to melt down a plastic and shape them as old handles. Second option was to make new handles from wood.

Since the melting plastic down needs proper setup and ventilation, I had to go with wooden option. So, for that I choose to sue pieces from olive tree. I collect some in Greece and it came handy for this restoration project.

Olive wood it is

After long and precise shaping, the wooden handles came better than I expected. Olive wood is so dense and tough to work with, but the results speak for themself. Such a nice wood grain!

Pocket knife's new olive wood handle

All steps are shown more detailed in video below!

Hope you enjoyed in this video! Thanks a lot for watching!
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Finally I assembled the pocket knife and applied linseed oil on the olive wood. I left it for a while to soak nicely. After that I applied a homemade beeswax and result is superb. Olive wood is definitely my favorite wood for this kind of restoration projects.

Pocket knife after restoration

And here it is! Pocket knife after restoration from World War 2.

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