Hand Brass Polishing [Autosol Metal Polish]

Here is a quick hand brass polishing video for you who want to see how to polish your brass by hand (same for copper, chrome or any other metal items). I am using Autosol product produced in Germany, but you can use any agent for metal polishing. I haven’t used it before, so this will be good test.

Process is super simple, just squeeze a little bit of your polishing agent on the cloth and rub it on brass, copper or chrome object. In few minutes it will look as brand new. If you have stubborn stains, just be patient and keep rubbing a bit longer.

Check out this hand brass polishing video below!

Hope you enjoyed in this video! Thanks a lot for watching!
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This post is not sponsored, but I can say that this Autosol polish is good and I recommend it for this kind of application. I also have used it in combination with hand cranked grinder (polishing wheel) and it work really well. Of course you can choose other brands, I am quite sure that they will work fine as well.

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