Rare Old Pocket Knife RESTORATION | Gust. Haker Solingen

This time I restored a rare old pocket knife from Germany. It looks like it is produced by Solingen and marked with Gust. Haker.

Rare Old Pocket Knife

Restoration went really well and started restoration with disassembling the pocket knife. I found two toothpicks inside of the knife, very unusual. After the disassembling I sanded the wooden handles and waxed them with homemade beeswax. Continues further down…

Check out this video πŸ‘‡ , it shows all steps how I restored this rare pocket knife!

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Old Pocket Knife's parts

Furthermore, all these rusty parts I placed in a jar with vinegar and left it for 24 hours. The parts where really black afterwards, but rust came off beautifully and I continue by sanding the metal parts.

Unfortunately, both blades where in terrible condition and I couldn’t restore them as they came out from factory. Because some of the spots – pittings were really deep…

After that I polished all metal parts from pocket knife and I did it with a help of my freshly hand restored hand cranked grinder. Polished parts where looking good, so I could start assembling.

Rare Old Pocket Knife being assembled

As a result, here it is, this is how it looks after hand restoration!

Rare Old Pocket Knife after restoration

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